View Full Version : Envirolet says "ban the flush?"

05-03-2006, 10:16 AM
"Ban the Flush"
I'm sure this has been debated ad infinitum but this Advertising slogan really burns me up.
Why? Because it's just disingenuous as hell. The implication is that these self composting toilets are somehow more environmentally desirable and sustainable. I seriously question that because most models require electricity to power assorted heaters and fans.

I also don't see anywhere on there website they mention the witches brew of microbal pathogens they claim to neutralize which apparently is as easy as tugging on a little rod a couple times per week.

Envirolet is also very proud of "help line operators" ready to assist you!
How would you like to have that job? heh.


Everyone is an environmentalist. It just depends on what you perceive or desire your personal sphere of influence to be.
Some of us are just content to keep our backyard free of trash and poisons.

That being said we now literally have dozens of new companies touting new products and services all designed to help out a little.

And imnsho companies like Envirolet were responsible for making the greens easy to resent with slogans like this...which they originated in 1977
and use to this day.

05-03-2006, 11:03 AM
Or as the Kleenex tissue said to the toilet paper roll after describing its job. "I feel so ashamed and dirty. By the way what do you do?"