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12-17-2004, 03:53 PM
I am in need of advice about my cast iron closet flange. Yesterday, we took my Standard Modernus off as there was rust coming from under the toilet. Home was built ~1925 and once we got the toilet off, it seemed that the wax ring was more than likely the original! Needless to say, the original cast iron flange has partially broken off (or rotted off). The closet flange and pipe are one complete piece. I've purchased a 1/2 moon spanner flange that is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I'm told that I can put this under the section that is broken off in order to have a place for the back left bolt. I just want to make sure that I'm not going to have problems if I don't have a whole new flange installed. Am concerned whether or not the spanner will solve the problem of where to put the bolt. Also, portions of the inner part of the closet flange have also rotted off. I ordered a fluidmaster wax ring that is specifically for older toilets from www.deabath.com which is not the standard 3-4 inch that HD sells. What do you all think? Is this going to function properly or am I going to have more leaking issues? Clearly the old closet flange has seen better days... Am attaching 2 pictures - I've marked one where the inner raised portion of the flange has rotted off.. thanks in advance!!!

12-17-2004, 05:47 PM
It looks like your flange is okay on the inside. It looks like that is the pipe where you see pieces missing. But that could be from when the pipe was cut in the original installation. Sometimes we get real rough edges. The spanner flange should give you another five or even ten years. Hard to tell.
I'm not sure about the bowl wax you ordered. If it's just the 4" wax instead of the wax we use that fits 3 and four inch waste lines then I don't see any advantage. But you might as well use it.

12-17-2004, 08:31 PM
thanks for the reply! I did get a wax ring that I think is 4inches rather than the "universal" type. According to the guy at DEA (and they deal in vintage toilets only) the universal Fluidmaster that is 3-4 is not as good as a fit as the one (also by Fluidmaster) that is just 4 inch. I've not yet received it so I don't have the exact specs... As I looked online, it seems that maybe it would not be a bad idea to get rid of the old closet flange (portion above the tile) and use one of the PVC types that have a small amount of pipe along with a seal (called a twist and set closet flange). Any thoughts on this? I already purchased one of these and the present cast iron flange seems quite easily destroyed with a little muscle and maybe my sawzall....

12-20-2004, 10:34 AM
I would not use a sawzall on cast iron, you'll use about 10 carbide blades which cost about $20 for 3 at HD.
Actually your pipe and flange don't look that bad, except that it would be good if that flange was screwed into the floor. The main purpose of the flange is to hold the toilet onto the floor, but the flange needs to be secured to the floor too. I'd say put that spanner piece in and secure it all to the floor with some screws through the spanner and the existing flange.
If you still think you need a new flange and want to remove the old one then use a grinder. Since you're going from the inside you might want to use a small diameter one. Just go around and around the inside.
Let us know what you did.