View Full Version : Experience with AS Yorkville?

02-23-2006, 06:45 PM
Hello Folks,

The spec for the Yorkville says that the flange should not be more than 1/16" or 16mm above finished wall. The 16mm must be wrong, has to be 1.6mm if the 1/16" is correct. But who knows what's correct on toilet drawings these days. Anyhow, instead of a flange we have a waste nipple that now protrudes the usual 5/16" (or a tad more) from the wall, after lots of re-framing. Used to be for a wall hung.

Does the Yorkville have enough recess around the waste horn to accomodate that 5/16"? The spec sheet has no dimension for that, of course.

Is the waste horn about 3-1/2" so that the usual Zurn Neoseal Z-1210-57 goes over it? Again the spec sheet says nothing.

Now for the tough one: The floor is very non-level, a rather lousy tile job (not mine...). Except for the very last inch before the wall the toilet would have to be raised 1/3" to 1/2" off the floor. Else it'll sit crooked. I have searched this forum, found hints about a marble slab but got only a blank stare at HD. It may not be right anyway. Can I pour some cement, maybe with a plastic sheet over it so the toilet can still be removed some day?

Regards, Joerg.