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02-08-2006, 11:00 AM
I am building a new house and will be installing 3 new toilets in the next few weeks. I am only interested in Dual Flush toilets.

I looked at the sterling and discounted it based on the MaP rating.

Right now the two that I am seriously considering are the Toto Aquia and the Mansfield EcoQuantum, both dual flush designs.

The Toto is a Washdown design while the Mansfield is siphon with a pressure tank.

Caroma dual flush, Like many dual flush toilets, there isn't much water in the bowl.

I think I really want to go with the Toto, but the cost is substantially higher, also the small water spot worries me. I have used a Caroma before and found the water spot to be way too small that it did not completely cover the waste, plus it was such a long way down that there was quite a bit of splash factor.

Another factor is that I am on a well, and I know very little about the FlushMate system and how much water pressure it needs to affectively build up the pressure in the tank.

I guess my questions are:

1. Is there anyone out there that is familiar with both and can give me their impressions.

2. Is the water spot on the Aquia better than on the Caromas? Should I even be worried about this?

3. I thought the washdown systems needed a big Trap diameter, and I see the Aquia's trap is only 2 1/8. Should I worry about this?

Thanks for your feedback in advance.


02-08-2006, 09:13 PM
Check the 2006 MaP report on performance.

The Sloan Flushmate in the Mansfield suggests I believe 40 PSI minimum. The performance will definitely be variable with a varying pressure on your well pump system.

02-09-2006, 02:24 AM

I have checked their performance on the "HIGH EFFICIENCY TOILETS" report last updated on 12/23/05.

The performance of the Aquia and the Mansfield are very close, (800 vs. 825), so that does not help the decision making.

Your comment about 40psi made me look a little harder and I found the following at the Flushmate website:

What is the minimum pressure requirement for this unit?

20 to 125psi or higher. The recommended range based on ANSI standards is 20 to 80 psi or higher.

02-10-2006, 10:49 AM
In the house I have a 1.0 gallon Vorten pressure assist toilet using the new Flushmate.

I moved in two months ago, and replaced all the toilets. It had been raining in Seattle the whole time until this last week.
I though I was listening to my rain gutter drains all this time at night, but a few days ago I noticed I could still hear the water sound, and it wasn't raining.
I checked the toilet, and there was the noise. There is a constant leak from the cartridge. I shut off the supply and went back to sleep.
A comment about this 1.0 gallon toilet. There is very little bowl wash at the front of the bowl. If you drop a piece of toilet paper at the front of the bowl, it may not go down.

The dual flush Aquia in the other bathroom, has more bowl wash, and what I perceive as a quieter flush.

02-10-2006, 10:55 AM

Thanks for the info. After reading a lot of info here and other places I think I may spend just a bit more and got for the Toto.