View Full Version : Thanks to CEA & Pressure Test Question

11-30-2004, 06:07 AM

I asked a question here 2 weeks back about vent size for a full bath + washer. I got some helpful information from CEA and just wanted to give thanks for the reassuring advice. I went ahead with 3" from the point where the vent lines all tie together. The inspector has finished the rough-in inspection with only a suggestion to add 1 suport strap to the drain in the crawl space! Thanks again CEA for confirming where I was unsure. It made going into the inspection less of a worry!

I do have a few more questions about the pressure test if anyone has the time.

I need to test with air. I have seen setups for copper lines that involve a guage on a air stem attatched to 5/8 tubing that is clamped to the end of the copper line. I have capped all the ends exept where it will tie into existing supply. My questions:

1- Is this just a regular guage? Or does code say it needs to be a specific type?
2- Can I buy this setup at a place like Home Depot or do I need to piece it together myself?
3- What is the pressure the line needs to hold and for how long? 80#/15 min?

In regards to the drain line; I have capped the top of vent, sink, toilet, and washer. The shower is not capped and I was hoping to test from there since I would need to put some sort of inflatable ball in there anyway. I have seen the inflatable ball before but have never seen one setup to allow air beyond it to test the line. My questions:

1- Do they make a test ball that can be filled but also allow air beyond it to pressurize the line? And can I get that from a store like Home Depot or do I need to go to a specialized plumbing store?
2- If I can't test from the shower, how do I test from the 3" end? Some sort of cap with a guage and stem?
2- What is the pressure the line needs to hold and for how long? 5#/15min?

Thanks in advance for any reponses. Your knowledge is much appreciated.