View Full Version : Hand held sprayer in tub is weak

01-31-2006, 06:53 PM
I have a jacuzzi tub with a hand held spray attachment. The problem is that the spray seems weak to me. The water from the tub faucet must be running full blast for the sprayer to even work half way decentl.

This diverter is of the type that diverts only some of the water to the hand sprayer, atleast this is what I was told, and this is how it is actually functioning. Plus looking at the valve itself it appears to allow water to keep flowing through.
Note I had to contort myself through an access hole on the side by the motor to take this picture. It took several shots as I couldn't see the valve from my angle.

The water from the tub spouts keep flowing even with the divertor on. Is this normal? It

Another issue is that who ever installed tub before I bought the house didn't put in access to work on this diverter is it is bad. The whole tub is surround with tile. Guess I have to either take off some tile or come up through the ceiling.