View Full Version : Outlet size of Crane Rexmont: Does anyone know?

01-18-2006, 12:03 PM
Hello Folks,

Just got off the phone with Crane. All I wanted to know is the waste horn size and clearance. They could not tell me (!), despite the fact that it says "...to be obtained directly from manufacturer. Great.

If anyone knows, what is:

The waste horn diameter of that toilet?
The depths of the recess around it?
The diameter of that recess clearing?
What would be a matching neoprene gasket?

The "spec sheet" of the toilet is pathetic, hardly any useful information on it.

Regards, Joerg

01-18-2006, 12:52 PM
The Crane uses standard stuff, either the Zurn rubber washer or a made for wallhung wax ring with neopreme reinforcment.

The Zurn rubber washer comes with a hard plastic ring on inside for shippng.
That gets thrown out.

The Crane is a gravity toilet with a below average flush.
It is the least expensive wall hung out there though.

01-18-2006, 03:39 PM
Hello Terry,

Thanks, that gives me hope. Have to look for the Zurn rubber washer, the neoprene gasket at the plumbing store was wrong. It had 3 1/2" ID and a hard plastic ring inside (yet they said it was the right one...).

Anyway, one concern I have is the waste horn diameter in the drawing. This drawing is from Eljer. Their horn is 3 3/8" which allows for some slack. The Glenwall spec lists this as 3 7/8" which would be just snug with our flange. So any slack in the bolt holes would make that toilet "ride" on the ABS flange which cannot be good. Unless I misunderstand or their drawing is wrong. For the Rexmont there is no such spec they said. Really strange.

Do you know if the Rexmont horn is under 3 1/2" diameter? And does it have the 5 1/2" outer diameter allowance? The folks at Crane could not figure that out even though its their own product.

Regards, Joerg.

01-18-2006, 09:38 PM
I've never had a problem installing a new wall hung toilet on an old carrier.
Sometimes you have the run the bolts out a little farther.

I just tonight I saw some extending bolts just for that though.

01-19-2006, 05:51 AM
Your wall hung toilet should not have a flange. It should be a 4" nipple or equivalent with a plain end, and ALL wall hung toilets have a recess appropriate for it. The difference is how far you have to extend that nipple beyond the wall and that dimension comes with the toilet itself, along with the bolt projection dimensions. There are many different seals, neoprene, closed cell foam, wax with an insert ring, impregnated fiber, etc. They vary by the amount of compression, and therefore the tolerance for moderately excessive nipple extension. Nothing will compensate for a nipple that is too far out, or too short, however.

01-19-2006, 09:42 AM
Hello Terry, hello HJ,

Thanks for your replies. The bolts are ok, I took out the carrier anyway so I can provide the appropriate length. The nipple is 4", can't be moved but I'll redo the framing and cover with Hardibacker so it ends up sticking out the required 5/16".

What really puzzled me was the only response I got out of Crane customer service: The toilet needs a six inch hole in the wall. (Huh ??!!!) Even says so on what they call a "spec sheet". Now that is bizarre. If anything leaks this would pretty much guarantee that it dribbles into the wall space and piles up or makes that termite heaven, creating a major contamination problem. I want to caulk around the nipple so that if anything leaks I can see it coming right away.

I know about the 1/2" recess these toilet have, like the old one I took out. Does the Crane Rexmont have anything that extends into the wall requiring this strange 6" round hole?

If you guy recall seeing the Rexmont from the back, do you think the waste horn part that goes inside the nipple is 3-1/2"? Or was is more like 3-7/8" (too large for me)?

Regards, Joerg.