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01-11-2013, 12:52 PM
Kohler Cimarron® K-3887 Toilet Review Pictures and Comments
Cimarron® Comfort Height® two-piece round-front 1.28 gpf toilet


Kohler K-3887 round front, but taller bowl with K-4639 Cachet seat.


K-4347 bowl, round front, comfort height


Side view of the bowl.


Bottom of the bowl

01-11-2013, 12:58 PM

Looking inside the K-4166 tank


The lower part of the tank


Now with that attaching bolts and rubber gasket


Kohler Cimarron

01-11-2013, 01:08 PM
I'd love to see the equivalent photos for a Toto Drake II 1G.

Has nobody bought one from Love Plumbing?

01-27-2013, 09:02 AM
I put in a Cimmaron here a few years ago to replace a 40 year old Kohler which was an unfortunate green color. The Cimmaron has been very dependable, and we have never needed to plunge it. With that being said, I do wish that the water spot was larger and the bowl wash was a little better. It's hard to find everything one desires at the same price point.

Edited to add- my Cimmaron is a 2-piece, not the same model this thread is showing.

01-27-2013, 10:49 AM
Sorry to say, but I have two of the Cimarrons installed in my house right now. Bought them because of the "Kohler" name and the good looks along with the 1-piece advantage. However, they are the worse flushing toilets I have ever had the misfortune of owning. They seem to plug up fairly regularly, and absolutely do not wash the bowl at all. Double flushing is a must most of the time. Great looking toilet but that is the only positive comment I have. :(

What model are your Kohlers? I'm assuming they aren't the same model as the one listed in this thread?

04-04-2013, 05:39 PM
I installed a Kohler Cimmaron about 2 years ago. Installation was straight foward. It is elongated but otherwise looks the same as the one in the pictures.
My complaints are that the tubular flush valve would twist around and leak because it was not seating. Shortening the chain was a major improvement, but not a cure.
It has clogged once in that time and the plunger did not seat well in the bottom of the bowl because of the shape, making it a hassel.