View Full Version : portable dishwasher water supply

07-30-2012, 05:02 PM
I have a portable dishwasher in my home. I also have a kitchen faucet with a sprayer and have heard that connecting a portable dishwasher will cause the hose to fail. I would like to keep this faucet. To resolve, I would add a second valve to my water supply and attach a standard 6', 3/8" braided dishwasher hose and at the other end attach the special dishwasher connector. When I use the DW, I would simply uncoil the line, attach to the DW hose and lay in the sink. Can anyone tell me what fitting I need to use to attach the DW connector to the braided hose?


07-31-2012, 07:15 AM
You won't find one, because the adapters you will find are made to go from the aerator, to the dishwasher, but you need on to adapt from the source TO the aerator/quick connect.