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Bob Forney
12-29-2005, 08:09 AM
:eek: HELP - am confused! I thought I had a plugged toilet - walked into the room and the water was at the top of the rim and slowly running over the edge and I had not even used it for 20+ hours.
I used a plunger and flushed only to have water everywhere and now the water is coming up in the tub drain and it wont drain out. It is a second floor bath in a 30 yr old home. How does the toilet connect to the tub to fill it with water through the drain?

12-29-2005, 11:56 AM
Pretty much all of the drain lines are connected together. So, the clog you have is below that toilet and the tub. A question is, though, what is continuing to run. Any sink, toilet, shower, tub, etc. that is connected prior to the ones backing up could be the source of the backflow. If all ofthe fixtures on the first floor drain properly, then you've isolated the clog...between the first and second floors.