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07-09-2012, 01:29 PM
On The John Bridge tile forum the issue came up that according to code; a shower drain must be 2" below the plane of the main floor of the room.

Now It is My understanding that proper fall to the drain in most cases would be 1/4" per foot, since the footprint of my shower area is 5' x 4' that would only be 1/2" below floor grade. so in order to be in compliance the center of the drain would need to be 8' away! My main floor area is only 5' x 8' so I cant believe that I would be the only person that couldn't have a barrier free shower within the dimensions of my available space. I understand that If I have a curb that is 2" higher than the drain It would comply, but then that would defeat the purpose of a barrier free shower. The only reason for the 2" rule seems to be on for reserve capacity in case of backup. I want to be in compliance but I cant see how giving My room constraints.

I will most likely be using the kerdi drain system and fabric in the shower area and the entire area outside the shower will be waterproofed with hydroban.

BTW, Floor is wood framing 16" OC, 2" ABS thru-out the home. I live in southwest Snohomish County in Washington.

All thoughts very much appreciated,

07-10-2012, 07:21 PM
Is the 2" below rule overlooked if ADA?