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06-11-2012, 11:15 AM
Just installed a pedestal from Kohler the Memoirs Sately model 2345-8. The faucet I installed was a Moen Caldwell CA84440. The drain leaks from around the threads where the nut tightens the drain flange. I did the job twice and still leaks. Finally, I thought about the drain hole in the sink.

The mfg says the hole is 1-3/4" in the sink. Called the faucet people and they said the one in the kit was for a 1-1/4 drain hole. Kohlers solution is to buy their drain asy. Which I do not have a problem with. But, when the lady on the phone told me the dimensions, I thought she said the drain asy she recommended has actually a diameter of 1.31". That seems a bit off of the 1-3/4" hole I have in the sink.

Now to my question. How is the sizing determined? I found a drain asy on line that said it was for a 1-3/4" hole size but there were no sizes listed. Is the diameter just shy of that. What is the actual size? I have not really shopped around at the stores, because I do not know what I am looking for. I suppose any drain kit with a larger diameter then the one in there might work. Please any help appreciated.


06-11-2012, 02:25 PM
On the threaded tube under the sink....where the nut that tightens up the fat gasket against the bottom of the sink....back that nut off. Rub plumbers putty into the threads on that tube, all the way up into the area where that gaskets sits. That should stop your drip,

06-12-2012, 09:36 AM
Tried the plumbers putty it did not work. How about Teflon tape? or other types of sealers. Also I tightened the big nut by hand. Should it be tighter? How much tighter?

Could the 1-3/4 drain hole still be the problem? When I took it back apart today and measured the hole at 1.75" and the stem of the drain at 1.360" The top of the flange that sits in the sink hole only measures 2.10" in diameter so that only leaves .17" radius to make the seal. Is that enough.

It seems like a standard sink drain hole is 1-1/2" and the standard drain asy flange measures 2.10" so the difference is .70" or .35 radius to make the seal

Any help appreciated. Thanks for the advice