View Full Version : AS Short Toilets Discontinued???

05-02-2012, 11:30 AM
Recently installed a new American Standard Cadet toilet. I noticed something compared to a lot of the older AS toilets that they only produce 15" rim height now. I've seen older AS toilets in houses and apartments as small as 14" inches. When did AS stop producing these toilets? As well, the cool blue color toilets seem to have disappeared. Totally impossible to find now.

How come they don't even sell 14.5" rim height toilets anymore? Their cheaper colony and crane toilets brands do come in 14.5" inch heights, but their higher end brands start at 15". I originally bought a Crane Complete toilet but it was the worst toilet ever. Very low flush power and so noisy, even the bowl fill is noisy. We were lucky to haggle to get store credit on that one. Crane used to be very high quality stuff but I think after it merged with American Standard, it is the cheap brand.

So for condos and apartments, is it possible to get a short American Standard toilet anymore, like 14.5"? Or am i stuck with 15"? I guess 15" is the standard height of the future.

05-02-2012, 12:07 PM
Bain Capital merged three plumbing companies together; Crane Eljer and American Standard.
Since the merge it's getting harder to separate the model names as to how different they really are.

Many bowls are going to 16-1/8" height. Some are still in the 14"-15" range. You should be able to find spec sheets on the web sites before buying.

Gary Swart
05-02-2012, 12:23 PM
Those low toilets are not very popular except for very short people. Most of us find that sitting with the knees higher that the butt creates a strain when standing. The Universal or Comfort Height are about the same as a regular table chair. ADA is just a tad higher than that. Might want to look at the Toto Drakes, I believe they still have some choices in the lower heights.