View Full Version : Toilet not flushing

04-27-2012, 06:25 AM
Hi, we are housesitting and discovered the toilet downstairs won't flush properly. It has two buttons at the top for flushing and when you try it, water fills to the top, but doesn't. Overflow and when you let go the water goes down in a few seconds but not in a flush way just sort of drains down quickly if that makes sense. There are no young kids to have put anything in it, and it isn't hardly used. Plunger won't make a good seal, tried a snake but didn't do anything. Took a bucket of water and poured it quickly and the water went straight down just like if the toilet was flushed. Any ideas? We took the top of the tank off but there is no ball thing in it(maybe a low flush model? There are two plastic sticks for eachbutton with this plastic piece with two holes that fell off when we lifted the top so we aren't sure how it goes onthere. We tried it every way we can think but still no flushing.

Gary Swart
04-27-2012, 03:31 PM
First of all, there is nothing in the tank that would have anything to do with your problem. I suspect something is lodged in the trap. True, toys are frequently the culprits, but other things can accidentally end up being flushed. There is a tool call a Closet Auger that can help snag obstructions. Sometimes you have to pull the toilet up and go at the problem from the underside and push the object out the way it came in. There's no one method that works every time. Since this is not your home, I would suggest the wise thing to do is call a plumber. This will avoid having to explain damage to the bathroom and/or toilet to the owners. If it was your own home, then you could accept the risks involved, but I do not think it would be wise to do more than pretty much what you have already done.