View Full Version : Toto Promenade? Any reviews?

02-22-2012, 04:51 PM
I found one thread about the Toto Promenade...but the most recent post was in 2010. I am trying to find a Toto toilet that will work in our bathroom (we're remodeling a small guest/kids' bath in a 1980s tract home), and want one that looks "different" stylistically.

I'm leaning towards a taller-height toilet, and am pretty sure I need a round bowl (unless i can find an elongated bowl that will fit in the same space as a standard round bowl toilet). I cannot get a round bowl Drake in Universal Height/ADA compliant. The Promenade fits the bill (though the trip lever looks rather old-timey to me).

So...are there any recent reviews of the Promenade? Does it perform well? Is the Universal Height too high for a small child to get up on using a 6" step stool? :)

Are there any other Toto Universal Height round-bowl toilets, or conversely, any elongated models that fit in the same space as a round-bowl? How do I go about measuring to find out what will fit best in my space?

One more: Can I *generally* buy toilet seats other than Toto brand for Toto toilets?

Thanks! I have been trying to decide on a toilet for a month now...and have been staring at this site and others all afternoon. I'm bleary-eyed and more confused than when I started.


02-22-2012, 05:07 PM
The Promenade is a good bowl.
It comes in Round or elongated
Standard glaze or Sanagloss