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02-16-2012, 06:54 PM
Coming home from work tonite, the golden arches of McDonalds called to me. Plus, I have a book of free coupons for ice cream cones, and, I knew there was one in there with my name on it. So, I pulled up to the window and I yelled into the clowns face, " I got a free coupon for an ice cream cone."

I was told to pull up to the window and when I did, I gave him the coupon. I was told to pull to the next window and I did, and the window popped up & rather quickly, out comes the man's head and he leans over into my window to hand me the cone but, instead dropped it, into my lap.

I was very cold... :) I could even see through my hose that I was turning blue. lol

Can I sue for a million dollars? I think, my legs are numb and useless now. :) NOW, I did get another cone for free, but, I already had "free."

02-16-2012, 07:12 PM
Ya know, that's a tough one. If it was a hot day, they wudda charged you for the cool down. But it's Winter, so you may have a case there. Do you have a dog that would enjoy the ice cream that fell? I don't think I would want a cat cleaning that up. Their claws are a bit sharp. It could snag those things.

02-16-2012, 08:19 PM
I don't have those things, lol. So, I don't have that problem. :) Thank God... The worst that could happen would be I would get a runner.
My one cat doesn't have claws, but he has big sharp teeth and he is a biter. I'd match this cat with any pitbull. Bob would win.

02-16-2012, 08:25 PM
I meant the thing that could get runs. Stockings or thin sheer meshy things that go on female legs. Nylons.

02-16-2012, 08:29 PM
oopsie. :) you said, those "things"
In women lingo, that only means 2 things. lol.

see... the difference between men & women's minds..

already got 2 emails from 2 girlfriends, who agree with me. . . you do know, that at least one thousand of your readers are my girlfriends! lol.

Right now, 2 of them are at work, (hi there Jewels) at Childrens Hospital. She said to tell you she is laughing. :)

02-17-2012, 08:39 AM
Coming home from work tonite, the golden arches of McDonalds called to me. Plus, I have a book of free coupons for ice cream cones, and, I knew there was one in there with my name on it. So, I pulled up to the window and I yelled into the clowns face, " I got a free coupon for an ice cream cone."

I was told to pull up to the window and when I did, I gave him the coupon. I was told to pull to the next window and I did, and the window popped up & rather quickly, out comes the man's head and he leans over into my window to hand me the cone but, instead dropped it, into my lap.

I was very cold... :) I could even see through my hose that I was turning blue. lol

Can I sue for a million dollars? I think, my legs are numb and useless now. :) NOW, I did get another cone for free, but, I already had "free."

Cookie, I think the guy that had a heart attack at the Heart attack Grill in Vegas has a better chance of winning a lawsuit than you do:p. He took the uneaten part of his triple bypass burger in a doggie bag:rolleyes:

02-17-2012, 04:01 PM
Now, Bob, I was out & about doing some grocery shopping when I heard my name being called, from McDonalds, it was that clown. So, I pulled in and yelled in the machine, " one ice cream cone, and I got a free coupon." I pulled up, and gave the girl the coupon, and she said to pull to the next window. I did, and I looked in and saw him. I stuck my arm out the window REAL far, and wrapped my fingers around the cone and felt a breath of relief while pulling away, since it was even colder out.

I drove across the road and saw Jiffy Lube. It has been a while since, I was there and they checked the fluids. So, I pulled in. The 4 guys, who are really cool guys, wanted my cone. I said, no. It is mine. The one guy checking my tires reminded me, that they run on air, lol. and, was teasing me saying, they may not have enough to fill them all up. Riding home the car drove so different, :)

The other guy was checking the oil. Which I never get changed there, or anywhere, I just wait til it gets alittle low and then, put new in. The guy said, it doesn't work that way. lol Well, it has been, might explain a couple things though. So, he added 2 containers. The other guy added a big plastic thing of wiper fluid. And, now, my window is cleaner.

They never charge me anything. I ask. They say, they are happy to wait on me. :) And, since inspection is coming up, he measured my tires saying, I am smigten over the legal measurement so, I am good.

After I left there, I decided to get them all a treat. I rode back over to McDonalds, and this time, yelled in the machine, " 4 ice cream cones please, and, I got free coupons." I heard, " HUH?"

I pulled up to the window, and she said, " you said, 4 ICE CREAM CONES?" When she asked if I was going to be carrying all 4, (!) I asked to put them upside down in cups on carriers. (I am good, but, NOT that good, lol, I'd be suing myself ) Now, I handed her the coupons, and one was for free apple slices, and she wouldn't take it, so, I paid for one, and got the free apple slices, too.

I was REALLY hesitant to pull up to the next window. I slowed up, looked in, saw him, he was holding all that ice cream.... I said, to myself, " yikes this might be a cold one, a really HUGE lawsuit."

But, all worked out well. And, the cool guys from Jiffy Lube? They were cooler but loved it. :) I hope, lol

02-17-2012, 04:36 PM
While out, I rented 3 movies from Redbox. I only wanted one, but, then, this screen popped up, saying, "hey, get another for 50cents!" Damn, can't turn that down, eh. So, I rented the second, then, another screen popped up, saying, " rent another and get 1.00 off!" I was now looking in the slot to see if someone was in there, lol, OR, if this was going to go on until, I rented every single movie in there. So, I quit at 3.

I rented:

Anonymous, I have no idea what it is about. I think, Shakespeare? and other writers?
The Ides of March
and, something, I might not watch, because it looks spooky, Parnormal activity 3

I will post under the movie reviews after I watch them!


02-17-2012, 08:18 PM
I watched, or more or less, really "listened" to, the movie Anonymous while working online taking my continuing education classes ( for my license), and that movie was pretty boring. At least to me. I paid for that one, so, I want my dollar back, lol. It could buy an ice cream cone. :) I also, listened to the one I got for 50cents , The Ides of March, and, because it was only 50 cents I will let that one slide. But, it was also, pretty boring sounding. Didn't do the third. Did anyone see the other one perhaps?

02-18-2012, 09:25 AM
Okay, now, I went to my 8 am appt for my car inspection. I drove through McDonald's and yelled into the machine that I wanted 2 coffees. I was told to pull up to the next window. There I looked in and there he was, holding 2 very hot coffees. I thought...sheez, doesn't he EVER take a day off. He must be like me. I stick out my arm as far as the joint would allow and held onto that carrier with all might. From there, I drove up to the mechanics and he was outside smoking. I stuck out my coffee for him and he said, " it won't work, I see those tires... even putting air in them, won't work" and, he was laughing. Wise guy... I asked, what if, suppose, I spray painted them?

I was inside watching the toons, when an hour later he came out with his clipboard and his eyes was just opened a tadbit too much, kind of like those eyes which shout WOW... he said, " I can't do it, you tell her the news" handing the board to Kathy behind the desk. Now, I sat there with my pupils dilated waiting while she read the clipboard a tadbit too long for comfort. I said, " okay, give it to my straight, I need a side light, right?" :)

I needed a shopping list of things. Tie rods, what is a tie rod? Can I sew it on? Glue it? Struts, heck that doesn't sound important enough to fail me. Tires, sheez, they aren't even flat. I forget the rest.

Poor David came out saying, " that front rod, is really really really bad, and I don't want you driving far, you will end up on the news." He cares. So, I got that one fixed. :) The rest will just have to wait until, the govn decides to release the money they owe us in refunds for the taxes. I want it paid back with interest!

02-18-2012, 06:41 PM
I think it is fun to make others laugh, and the ice cream really was dropped onto my lap, lol. It really was cold... Now, you got to remember, I have no working heater in my car, it is "winter" and, there, I am ...with icecream in my lap, more, my crotch than lap. Were they blue? I don't know! lol. They looked somewhat discolored, :)

To take life so serious is such a sad thing because, there is so much to laugh about. Let me put it this way, I am surrounded by miserable people. That I really am. I am not joking about. I got to laugh. For their sakes, not mine. Like tonite at work, there I am happy as a lark, just really to be alive, you got to remember, I have weathered much more than most people in life really... not all, but ask yourself, how many people do you has my health problems? Lets see, I got one cancer diagnose after another, I got 3 brain vessel malformations, 3 brain tumors, all in operable, and I ask myself, am I that curious to see what they are? NAH... I will pass. They ain't growin and I aint' going anywhere. I got a hemolytic anemia, neoplasms in my lungs, possible lymphoma just sitting there for the hell of it, it is called "indolent" meaning, it ain't growin, so, why fix what ain't broken? Right? But, one day... well, one day...

So, I am at work today, working with a woman a few years younger than me, for really, who asked, why I was breathing hard. Well, I know she hates, just hates to hear about my problems, so, I thought...hmmm, how do I answer this? Do, I say, oh, I got a cold, or an allergy, like I am ashamed of my illness, ashamed of what I fought for all these years, something she takes for granted every morning she wakes up? Nah... I am proud of myself, proud that I am strong enough to go the distance. I want a Heisman trophy like OJ got. So, I said, well... and, mentioned, just mentioned I got lung problems. and, she quips, " there is nothing wrong with you."

I said, " well, I wish that was true, but, I live in the "real" world, I have to. Of course, she added, " well, I don't, I live in a fantasy world." How can I fight something like this?

My real world consists of picking up my husband from a basement floor, trying to give him CPR at the time, with Pneumonia and Cancer with my ankle still cut apart, yeah, baby, that is my reality. I spent 5 years and 3 months TOTAL on chemos, and even at the third time, the Oncologist, said, " it is your call" it is spreading. Well, I had no option and told him, " go for it" he said, he was glad to hear that, and then their was a forth and then, a fifth, and as sure as I am sitting here, there will be a sixth.

But, through it all, I found that I can still laugh, and have the desire to make others laugh and feel good about theirselves, I ask myself, what is wrong with someone who isn't toward me.

I enjoy the life, I fought to keep, and started losing at age 44. My husband told me once, that I made things look too easy, I guess I do.

She, my boss, told me once, " I want to be mean." Well, she is succeeding, and the saddest part about it all, are her losses on being mean. It is so much more fun to be nice, and funny. And, to care about others. I even care about her, even though I know she hates me. Oh, well...

02-18-2012, 07:56 PM
Thank you Obama, I simply love to write. I have been doing it all my life, and I get paid for it. I started writing at 13 years old, it has been both a love and simply, my way of dealing with stuff. I have numerous things all over the place in magazines, I got alot in Highlighters kids, Women's day, Readers Digest, chances are, if you buy a magazine once, in a while you may be reading something I did, and don't know it, I write under another name. I do newspapers, and, I have 3 columns I do, one for my husband about heart care, one about camping, and one about how to deal with the big C. I have a goal to write for a major newspaper, my own column. I get enough of readers responses to keep the editors happy, and keep making money doing it. I would love to do it for the sheer pleasure but, alas, the turnip doctor turned my life around, and so, I need to support the same bills, on my earnings alone. I manage. It isn't easy. But, no one said, life ever would be. I hate the expression that Nietzsche said, about "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger." That is bull. I have been there as anyone in my shoes has been will tell you, it is bull. It is damn hard when you see your ice cream cone you cherish plop on your lap. That moment in time, definitely, did not make me stronger. Only cold.

02-19-2012, 05:33 AM
Well, I got 2 jobs today. One is for showing a house to a young couple couple. When I say "young" I mean, actually, " young" at heart; they are both in their 70's, and want to buy a house. They are getting married. Imagine that, it makes me feel like their is hope for me, yet. That is the pleasant job. :) The second job today is the one where I could get my face ripped off, or slightly, rearranged, maybe, my eyes in a different place. This is the place that the boss says, " we are family" yeah, but, does it have to be dysfunctional? I already, got dysfunctional with some relative family members. I got plenty. HJ, mentioned "normalcy" I have yet, ever seen that in life, I am beginning to think that it doesn't exist. What is normalcy and who makes the determining factors? What if, just suppose, that person is dysfunctional? Is that now, a dysfunctional normalcy? My boss once sent a memo around stating that she tries to "inspire" and if anyone, feels she isn't, to let her know and she will "try harder." Um, who wants fired? I let others go first.

The line was very short. :) I saw no one in it. Have a nice day!

02-19-2012, 03:08 PM
For those interested it was so sweet. They are so much in love, he was pointing things out for her, and she did the same for him. And, they even want the dog. LOL.

They were once high school sweethearts. I wish I had a smiley face with a heart on it. I would put it here. *

02-20-2012, 10:19 AM
Now, this was very interesting! I will try to grow one, :)


Hj, what is your take on this? lol.

At long last, the mustache lobby is coming to Washington.
The American Mustache Institute (AMI) is planning a "Million Mustache March" on the nation's capital, part of an ongoing campaign to convince lawmakers to create government incentives to grow facial hair. Rally organizers plan to mobilize their mustache-wearing compatriots on April 1 at the White House and march to Capitol Hill.
Their rallying cry: Pass the "Stimulus To Allow Critical Hair Expenses," or STACHE Act, which would "provide a $250 annual tax deduction for expenditures on mustache grooming supplies." According to AMI research, mustached Americans earn 4.3 percent more money than "clean-shaven Americans" on average per yer. Therefore incentivising mustache growth would boost the economy.
"Given the clear link between the growing and maintenance of mustaches and incremental income, it appears clear that mustache maintenance costs qualify for and should be considered as a deductible expense related to the production of income under Internal Revenue Code Section 212," wrote Dr. John Yeutter, a tax policy professor at Northeastern State University, in a 2010 white paper supporting the legislation.
The subsidy, according to a 2010 proposal , would cover all products required for any proper mustache-wearing patriot, including:
Mustache and beard trimming instruments
Weightless conditioning agents and wax
Facial hair coloring products (for men and women over 43 years of age)
Mustache combs and mirrors
Burt Reynolds wallet-sized photos
The campaign's backers have recruited celebrities to help support the cause, including guitarist John Oats, Ellie Kemper of "The Office" and Milwaukee Brewers pitcher John Axford. Each will produce videos to inspire mustached activists to support the STACHE Act. In total seriousness: The group has also secured a promise from H&R Block to donate a charity that provides clean drinking water for each person who participates in the march.