View Full Version : Gurgling and Splashing Heater

11-16-2004, 06:01 PM
For 11 years the baseboard radiator system in my house caused no problems, I never had to bleed it or anything. Last year the pressure control failed (system got up to 50 psi), I replaced it and the expansion tank and everything was fine for awhile. Now the system holds a nice 18 psi, but the gurgling and wave noises are out of control. I have manual bleeds on the baseboards, I get at most just a tiny amount of air out of them and it makes no difference in the noise at all. I tried depressurizing the system to 10 psi (low as I want to go in a 2 story house) but that didn't yield any more air. Any other suggestions? I'd just like it to operate the way it used to.

Thanks, Dave