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11-30-2011, 06:02 PM
Firstly, a big thank you to all who post on this forum. The information has been invaluable as we have gone through with a very long remodeling process. One of the bigger benefits was reading through the install of the Drake toilet that was posted....my contractor was having issues because on two of my Drake IIs, we were having leaks between the tank and the bowl and the detail about using the special pair of pliers is what seems to have finally solved this...so Thanks.

Ok, now to my current question. Although I was told to order all 12 inch roughs for the three toilets being replaced, it was just discovered that the master bathroom toilet will require a 10 inch rough. That being said, it really put a wrench in my plans of installing what I hope to be (now after the leak stopped) the tried and true Drake IIs. Through my research, I found out about the option of using the unifit adapter from Toto. At the same time, I have been reading through the many posts on this forum that included comments on the unifit adapter...since many of these date back to 2007-2009, I wanted to ask if some of the statements/concerns still hold true:

1. Do the toilets that use the unifit function just as well as those that are made with a 10 inch rough?
2. Is there any loss in efficiency or power of flush? In other words, are there more clogs or other problems due to the unifit?
3. One of the issues out there was the fact that a dripping noise could be heard with those toilets that use the unifit adapter and that Toto had recognized this and were apparently working on a new version of the adapter. The theory put forth on the forum was that since porcelain dampened sound better than plastic...this dripping sound was heard since the unifit is plastic.....SOOOO...did they ever come out with a new version of the unfit adapter and is the dripping problem solved?
Dripping noise:

The Unifit Adapter has been redesigned and it's now perfectly quiet. I have the new version in the main bath, and it's silent. posted by Terry Love June 16th 2012
4. Since I know that I am "stuck" with having to get a toilet with a 10 inch rough...is the Vespin II the best choice? Are there others that people have found worked better? What my concern is that I do NOT want to have to think about my toilet once installed...I just want it to work with no issues...so while looks are nice...I am not about form over function here.
5. While my initial experience with the Toto was somewhat dimmed due to the leaking that had occurred...all signs from my research still seem to say Toto is the best out there...but again, none of this went into now the specific application that I need...therefore, are there other brands I should consider...I think Kohler is out since there just seems to be too many people dissing them. The other one I saw that had a 10 inch rough was American Standard Cadet line. Does anyone have any thoughts?
6. Again this is the master bathroom we are talking about...so if anywhere there should be no problems...it should be there...I hope...so any and all feedback is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you so much!


11-30-2011, 06:23 PM
If anything, the UniFit aids flushing ability rather than diminishes it. Being a plastic, injection moulded device, it's curves and shape is very accurate. Porcelain can slump a little and the shape may not be as exact. Plus, the plastic is smoother.

The noise is minimal...I have two toilets with the UniFit in my home, and unless listening for it, don't hear it anymore. Mine are a Carlyle and a Vespin, installed long before the II versions came out. They supposedly added a little dampening material to the adapter to help allay concerns. Performance-wise, they perform as well as or better than the drake. There should be no difference in performance between the 10" and 12" (or 14") Unifit in operation. There is a 10" version of the Drake, but, I don't think a Drake II, if that's your desire. I think I'd opt for the double-cyclone bowl, though. Not that the old one doesn't work, it does. A lot of the skid marks are a diet related thing, and I don't have it as a problem.

12-01-2011, 07:51 AM
Thank you! So based on your description it sounds like Toto has released a newer version of the unifit adapter since the postings I read complaining about dripping.

**As a follow-up I wanted to ask if there were any additional tips with the newer version regarding installation.
**The toilet will be going over a brand new tiled floor. Any specific drill type to use?
**Anything else regarding any Vespin II challenges?
**Also, I have seen pros and cons about caulking around the toilet base. Is this recommended? Are there issues in the future with removal or repair (although I hope that is never needed).

I really want to avoid all of the drama that we went through with intalling the Drake IIs...which again was only solved after I came across this forum in the first place.

Thank you so much!!!



12-01-2011, 09:55 AM
The Vespin II is a deluxe Drake II.
The Vespin comes with a skirt and a standard 12" rough Unifit. You can also install using the 10" or the 14" Unifit.
Performance is the same regardless. And yes, they have fixed the drip issue. I just installed the Vespin II in the main bath, and all is quiet on the Western Front.

We use a clear PolySeamSeal around the base except at the back. If this is in Arizona, then hj will insist you caulk that too. In Washington State it's not allowed.

Depending on the tile, we may use a 1/4" rotohammer or a diamond bit.

TOTO also makes the CST744EF.10 Drake.
10" rough bowl, Universal Height

Dripping noise:
The Unifit Adapter has been redesigned and it's now perfectly quiet. I have the new version in the main bath, and it's silent. posted June 16th 2012

12-01-2011, 10:14 AM
Thank you Terry! I saw the standard 10 inch Drake and was tempted...but I really want sanigloss...especially for the master bathroom. By the way...these are being installed in Illinois. Its also great to hear that about the drip issue..that was my concern along with flushing issues. I have read on other forums that people have reported some issues with the unifit installs.

12-01-2011, 10:55 AM
We've installed hundreds of the Unifits.

I see them as a plus. It allows us to bring out a toilet, and no matter what the rough-in, we can install it. They also look killer with the hidden trapway.

12-01-2011, 01:02 PM
Just like people that own a grandfather clock, or live near a rail line...after a short aclimation period, you don't hear certain sounds...my Unifits are the original design, and it really isn't a big deal. All toilets do the same thing, but when the trapway is all porcelain, its sound is muffled more. A toilet bowl is normally full to overflowing...add something, some overflows out the drain. So, the act of adding something has its own noises, which tend to be much louder than the draining. You get a few seconds after the flush while the bowl 'levels' itself off, too. But, again, it's so minor as to only be an issue for new owners for a short aclimation period IMHO.

12-01-2011, 01:57 PM
Another TOTO option for a 10" rough-in is the Aquia dual flush -- Model #CST412MF.10

The dual flushes are a great option for folks who live in water restricted areas of the country.

Gary Swart
12-01-2011, 02:05 PM
Just to back up what Jim said about becoming accustomed to certain sounds. Same hold true with some visual differences. A slight color variation between a tub and toilet for example. Unless you are actually looking for a difference, minor color variations are not noticed. Years ago, I remodeled my kitchen. Didn't realize the house had been moved to a new foundation and the kitchen floor was not level...not even close! Installed the cabinets leave space for a 30" range in the center and leveled the base cabinets so that they were level. Upon installing the range, we found one counter top was flush with the range top, but 30" later, the counter top was an inch lower than the top. We "lived with it like than for about 25 years until another remodel was undertaken and the floor was leveled. Even though we knew the problem, we soon never saw it. No one else saw it either unless we pointed it out. Human senses can be really weird at times.

12-01-2011, 08:09 PM
Thanks everyone...I really appreciate your feedback. Based on your opinions and experience, I'm going to go for the Vespin II with the 10 inch rough...now I can only hope all goes well with installation!