View Full Version : Old school toilet drain - what to do?

11-27-2011, 10:16 AM
Hello, long time lurker first time poster here on TL forums!

I'm renovating my 1950's bungalow bathroom. I've just peeled back all the floor layers to the original T&G and I'm wondering what I should do about my toilet drain and flange.
Plastic bag is packed with more plastic bags as my "plug"

Looking up from below

The original cast iron drain is staying put, but there is a lead extension that runs up through the floor and and was bent over the toilet flange. The cast iron drain has a 4.5" ID. I'd like to replace the flange and the lead extension but with what? My toilet plumbing knowledge is limited but I'm a pretty handy guy so the install doesn't bother me. Just want to do this right. Also, I'm not sure what my final height to the flange will be but I'm guessing around another 1.5" above the T&G (got to add 3/4" plywood and tiles).

Thanks ahead of time for your input!