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10-30-2011, 01:33 PM
After installing & flushing the Ultramax, the water surface in the bowl met the Toto spec of 10 1/4" x 8 1/4". But, then the water surface area would immediately start to get smaller then stabilize after about 15' to 20'. The height of the water surface dropped about 1/2" during this time period.
I didn't give it much thought until months later the bathroom began to smell similar to "Vicks VapoRub". Now I'm thinking I may have a small leak. The bathroom never had this smell with the toilet that the Toto replaced.
Is there a way to locate a leak after I have removed the Toto? Would it be visible to the eye?

10-30-2011, 03:24 PM
A toilet bowl is sort of like a teakettle...you can only put so much stuff into it before it overflows out the spout (in a toilet, it is called the weir). It can take a bit of time for it to stabilize. Several things can affect it: is the bowl level; if the venting is not great, there can be air movement that can rock the water; also a venting problem if there is another toilet back-to-back with this one that doesn't have the proper fitting, allowing one to affect the bowl of the other when flushed.

The only way to tell if it is leaking, rather than just stabilizing, is to pull the toilet and look for evidence of water.

Did you caulk the bowl at the floor? If not, then anything that may be spilled or sprayed that missed the bowl can seep underneath the edge. Since it is really tough to clean, it can build up and start to smell. Caulking does two things, keep stuff from seeping underneath and also to help anchor the bowl to the floor.

10-31-2011, 10:33 AM
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the bowl was caulked all around except the back portion.
My concern is the significance of the Toto water surface spec of 10 1/4" x 8 1/4" not being met after the water height in the bowl stabilizes.
The toilet has been removed for (2) weeks & soil pipe is plugged but this "VaporRub" smell persists.

Not sure what this smell represents but certainly isn't normal & may represent some kind of mold.
I may have to remove part of the sub-floor to see if there is any damage to the sheetrock ceiling below.

Don't see any holes/cracks on bottom of toilet except a 5/32" Dia x 3/4" deep hole (attached pic)1443914440 that seems to be separate from the water/waste path and is probably part of the manufacturing process.

10-31-2011, 10:46 AM
The small hole in that location is to let air out when it's in the Kiln. They all have that hole.

Depending on how recent the bowl is, there may be a smaller water spot then in the spec sheet. They have reduced the amount of water in the bowl lately. As long as water is in the bowl, it will seal.
Also check to make sure the rubber hose from the fill valve is directed into the overflow tube. This refills the bowl after a flush.
Also if you have a nearby toilet, it can sometimes cause water to be lost during a flush. A lot depends on the way the pipes below the floor are plumbed in.
If the smell is in the room with the toilet missing for two weeks, that tells you something.

10-31-2011, 04:05 PM
Thanks for your reply.
The smell tells me something but I don't know what that "something" is.
I do know that it started after I replaced the old toilet with the Toto.
I was hoping that someone on this Forum might have had a similar smell that I described as "Vicks VaporRub".
I guess I may have to remove some of the sub-floor to see if there is any damage to the sheetrock below.