View Full Version : Leaky shower faucet, drain that doesn't shut off and improvement in shower control

10-27-2011, 05:40 PM
I have had this shower that started leaking at the faucet recently. The drain does not close to fill up the tub either. Also the shower control has only volume and showerhead/faucet control. So
1. I want to take care of the leak
2. I want a control that has separate controls for temp and volume (We think we will waste less water that way)
3. and if possible, be able to close the drain.

I plan to replace all the components .. from showerhead connector to drain shut off lever. However, I dont really know if objective #2 is possible. Do I need to open up the shower control to see what kind of valve is inside? Do I need to shut off the water before I do that? Looking at amazon/************ etc, I can not tell which shower faucet combo will work for me. How can I decide that?

Attaching pictures of my shower control, faucet, showerhead connector etc ..






10-27-2011, 06:57 PM
There are valves that give you independent control over both volume and temperature - most manufacturers make them, but the less expensive and more common ones only control temp at full volume. The 1700 series of Delta valves can do that, for example. I don't think that your valve can be updated to one that has those functions, but it may be possible. You can take the handle and the trim plate off without turning off the water, but you can't take the cartridge out as it would then leave an opening to the supply and flood things.

10-27-2011, 07:19 PM
Your valve is a Symmons Temptrol. To change to a different brand/model will require access inside the wall, preferably from the back side. It would be technically possible by extremely difficult to replace the valve thru that relatively small opening in the tile wall.

The drain....remove the two screws and pull out the "barrel" stopper. Possibly just clean and reinstall. Replacements are available, but that type of drain is prone to being a "forever leaker". A plumber could change out the flange at the bottom of the tub and replace with a lift and turn stopper.

10-28-2011, 05:31 AM
Thanks Jim and Jimbo ..
So I will not try to update the valve to separate control of volume of temperature .. The bathroom needs to be remodeled in a year or two and we will take that up at that time. (The shower is on the outer wall of the house .. So backside of the wall means working from outside the house? on 2nd floor?)

How do I fix the leaky faucet? Some o-rings inside that Symmons Temptrol?

We want to change all of those (shower valve trim, faucet, showerhead arm), since the ones we have are now quite old. What should I look for to ensure compatibility?

For the drain stop, Do I remove the screws from the lever that is in the photo or the actual drain at the bottom of the tub?

Thank you guys for helping out ..