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09-22-2011, 02:55 PM
I love this clip!


09-22-2011, 04:36 PM
Yeah, I think, I put a clip on here about a man, a local of mine, who lost his eyes and hands due to a mine explosion over in Iraq. A house was made special for him. He even has a voice regulated Toto.

I don't have sound on my laptop but, I was able to watch the clip you presented. He seems very happy and well-adjusted, but, trust me on this one, he has his bad days just like the rest of us. When he asks why, and feels angry and bitter, and even jealous of those who are whole. It is okay to feel that way.

Sometimes, you can see the person's problems, and other times you can't. That is why, no one should judge another human being, without having walked in their shoes. I am reminded of the parable, about a man complaining about not having shoes until, he met a man who had no feet. But, still, when you really think about things, and people's problems, it doesn't make it any better. You can be grateful for that moment, but, like in my case, I have blood vessels in my brain that are inoperable, that might bleed out, I have a hard time using my right arm, and, the pathology reports state I have pulmonary lymphoma. Those things you can't see, I can look in the mirror and I look pretty damn good. But, inside, it is a different story. That is why people got to be gentle when someone says, they have a disability but, look like the picture of health.

Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has problems, and I wish for a kinder society and people. That is my wish.

09-22-2011, 04:42 PM
We have a man who has this condition at our drivers center, and we talked once, he is amazing; his mom was given this drug, I remember his saying. Although he does have short arms much like the mans feet in your clip.


09-22-2011, 05:20 PM
It's true, we all have things that "we" worry about. Some obvious to others and some not.
One of his clips reminded me of skiing last year. I was stuck, and people kept going by. I looked strong enough, but my core had been weakened and I was having a heck of a time getting unstuck. My nephew had told me to go down the unpacked run, with feet and feet of new snow. My tip just sank in and there I was. My nephew was long gone. I made it out, but I had to slow myself down and just gradually work at it. And yet, there I was up in the mountains getting stuck. It could have been much much worse. It was a huge leap from being able to walk around the neighborhood the year before when I was recovering from surgery. And Cookie's right, sometimes it's just a little reprieve, and nobody knows.

09-23-2011, 04:40 PM
I would had stopped and got you out of there. :) I can be mighty. Did you read the article, I will try to find it, about a high school kid running a marathon and another runner got injured, spiked by the shoes of another runner who didn't stop, but, this one kid did. And, he carried him the rest of the way to get him help. My God... talk about core, it touched my soul. He knew he would now lose the race. And, he went back knowing this and finished running the rest of the way, even though he was tired out. Now, that is more than just good sportsmenship, that is a kid, I would be so proud of. A person I would love to know. How proud his parents must had been, or should had been, if they were more concerned about the race.

I am, and have been disgusted with people Terry. I have been saying it for sometime now to fellow friends. I see so much meaness and, I am not just talking at the scary place, although it is there, too; but, anywhere. It was so very nice to read about that runner, that kid, who cared more about another human being than himself.

I feel ashamed of people at times. I get embarrassed for people and sometimes, I have to say something even though I know I am putting myself in the hot seat.

This will sound crass. But, years ago, I wrote an article for a paper, HD can be your friend. While writing it, everyone wanted to know, how and why I could feel that cancer can be your friend. Simple. It makes you human. You know your frailties and can see it in others.

"Right and wrong becomes more difficult for each of us as we grow older, because the older we get the more we know personally about our own human frailties."
Blanche Lincoln

Their is a cure for that, facing your own mortality. Once you fight for your life, and you succeed at it, maybe, not for a lifetime, because no one can; but, it makes most people kinder. That is why I say, it can be your friend. You don't waste a day, or a moment being mean or thinking purely, of yourself. It makes you realize exactly, what counts and what doesn't. Cancer, any cancer can be your friend.

My friends, don't understand when I tell them, " I hope you get cancer" LOL . It may not sound like a compliment but, I just want them to fully experience and love life. I want them to embrace it as they should and can. :) I want the best for them, and not to take it for granted or others. There are those who need it, those who are mean and hateful, it will tune them up.

Cancer can be your friend, it makes you a better human being.

... Terry, my grandson turned one today. See what determination can do. I am here.