View Full Version : Americast Tub is making a crunching and squeaking noise

08-23-2011, 05:25 PM
We had an Americast tub professionally installed by a plumber. The tub has been making a noise since day one. We contacted American Standard. The rep with AS first assured me that they do not manufacture defective tubs and that our tub was not installed properly. Note that I returned 3 Americast tubs before actually giving the okay on the tub that is now installed(?). She also indicated that there is no need for a morter base and if so it would void the warranty. I asked if should could send out a rep to take a look. She said no, and also indicated that we needed a second opion.
I in turn contacted the Home Improvement center in hopes of them persuing further action by AS. It was not until I went to the center that I actually got any where. They finally agreed to put into writing (email) that a foam insulating product would not viod the warranty. After which they could send out a rep. However, they will not indicate what kind of foam or how to apply it to the tub.
Our concern is that the wall and floor has been newly tiled. We also have very little access to under side of the tub. Currently we have an access panel which was just installed.
I want to make sure we fix this problem right the first time as we have been without a full bath for 6 weeks. My question is, "What type of foam and how do I apply it so it covers the entire tub area without damaging the tub?"


Desperate Bather