View Full Version : Who owns the $14.3 trillion?

Ian Gills
07-23-2011, 09:20 AM
If the American Government is unable to raise the debt ceiling, it will be unfit to govern and I will call for the return of the King.

But who owns your debt?

Well, the US government owes itself $4.6tn.

The remaining $9.7tn is owed to investors. These include banks, pension funds, individual investors, and state/local/foreign governments/

China owns $1.16tn, Japan: $0.91tn, and the British $0.35tn. Yep, you owe us.

I think the Republicans need to man up and come to the table.

Reagan and Bush were very naughty with deficit. This mess, like the recession, is theirs.


Tom Sawyer
07-23-2011, 10:23 AM
It's a non issue. Nothing can or will be done to fix the problem. All this discussion is to take our minds off the faltering economy and the lack of jobs while politically posturing for the next election.

07-23-2011, 12:11 PM
Get rid of NAFTA, a knife in our back, and re-impose import tariffs, and all will be well. Screw fair trade.

Fair trade where 5 year olds hack up US circuit boards in back alleys and smelt lead over cardboard and plastic bag fires?

And a country where the enviro-pycho's want to blow up every small hydro power dam in America.

NAFTA moved Levi jeans MFG. to Mexico, and now they cost MORE! Good politics you morons in Washington.

Ian Gills
07-23-2011, 03:39 PM
It would be a very sad day if because of tariffs all I could afford to buy were American-made products.

Don't get me wrong, your pumps and brassware are first class.

But I'd sooner take the bus than own an American-made car or boat.

Don't even get me started on American light bulbs.

Oh, you're good at growing fruit as well. The wine is so so. French is better.

But that's about it.

07-24-2011, 01:26 AM
I'd sooner take a Russian Aero-flop flight to Siberia than drive any English made vehicle.

Pardon me, but the LAST american bulbs seem to be made by Sylvania in a plant slated to close soon.

We will still make specialty bulbs, like railroad signal bulbs [a19 standard base] that I have in my wine cellar for 16 years now. Probably the sockets are corroded in.

French wine? One or two good regions with good wine every 5th year. Sorry, the weather sucks.

You better get on your donkey and joust at windwills on your ride here. My cellar awaits with a 1997 Zinfandel that would best a 1945 French 7000$ bottle of 2/3 vinegar, sold with 9/10 hype.

2' thick cement walls and a arched brick roof like the french built in the 1800's. Into a mountain. Probably why my back is shot now. Should have been a banker.