View Full Version : Those fastidious Brits!

07-21-2011, 07:33 PM
Did you happen to see this the other day, in a wire story about a manufacturer of portable toilets?

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________'s business outside the U.S. also has helped it offset the economic decline in this country. Its fastest-growing markets are in Eastern Europe, where construction and infrastructure work activity has been brisk, and parts of Latin America, where the mining industry has grown.

"Think of a portable toilet as a productivity tool," Hilde said. "We do well wherever the labor rates are high or increasing rapidly because you're putting sanitation close to where workers are. They don't have to take time to walk or drive a ways to use it."

Units in some foreign markets aren't like those in the U.S. because of cultural differences. For example, customers in the U.K. insist on flush toilets, Hilde said. The units for Japan are made for squatting instead of sitting, with toilet bowls that are longer, lower and have footprints on either side.
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I have never seen a Porta-Potty that flushes! I now understand why Ian is so enamored with his homeland, and how behind-the-curve we in the US are.