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07-15-2011, 09:45 AM
Hi, I am close to purchasing one or both of the Drake 2 and Ultra max toilets and would like to know:

1) Will the Drake or ultra max use a toilet seat available at any hardware store from the most common manufacturers? ( Kohler, Bemis, Etc. ) FYI, Ill be buying the elongated versions.

2) I was at My local plumbing fixture showroom and noticed the Tank on the Drake 2 was rather wobbly, Is that normal for the Drake 2, or is it because the tank was never fastened properly since it was on display?

The reason I ask these questions is because I want to avoid a couple of problems that I've had with the POS American Standard toilets The first being the non standard seat for the Williamsburg one piece toilet , that American Standard wants $200 for And the wobbly tank on the Champion.

BTW, Does anyone know the physical address of American Standard? I'd like to throw these two Pieces of excrement in the front seat of there executives Porsche :mad:

07-15-2011, 10:12 AM
In the US, there are two seat sizes.
Elongated or Regular (round)

Any brand of elongated will fit.
The best color match will be Toto on Toto.

If a tank wobbles like that, it just wasn't tightned down. It's in a showroom; no need to really tighten it.

In the Seattle area, I'm selling the elongated Toto Drake starting at $219.99
The Ultramax starting at $419.99 for elongated
We also do installation all over the Seattle area.

Drake II, $349.99
Ultramax II, $474.99

http://www.terrylove.com/ads/drake_sale_white.jpg (http://www.easycarts.net/ecarts/terrylove/WaterSense_Toilets.html#Drake_sale_1)

07-15-2011, 10:33 AM
Thanks For the Speedy reply Terry, The Gal at AP in Seattle Said that her aftermarket seat on the Drake was a shade off in bright sunlight.

With the current utility rebates for the water sense toilets it makes the purchase of Toto a "No Brainer". The Cadet three is hardly much less $$ than the Drake.

One last Question Concerning Toto; How are they as a company, Do they respond well to concerns of their customers, suppliers and Installers ( plumbers ) When a problem arises?
Since They are only sold thru plumbers and plumbing supply stores, and not the chain stores what recourse do you have if you have trouble?

07-15-2011, 10:56 AM
I've been selling Toto for years and years.
Less then 1% returns.
And yes, Toto backs the product. They are the oldest and largest plumbing manufacturer in the world.

The Ultramax II's and Drake II's that I have in stock are made in the USA.
In fact I'm installing an Ultramax II in Lynnwood today.