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06-15-2011, 11:50 PM
I took the state exam and failed it on the DWV & Water sizing.I've been a plumber for 25 years in Ca.I knew I was a little rusty on my sizing so I bought a 2009 code book.I studied the sizing pretty good and scored less than 50% on both sizing drawings.My problem is I was finding the answers on the straight runs ok,when I turned the corners 1 Hose bibb was added,then I couldn't find anything close on my answer sheet.According to the answer sheet the H/B was counted as 10 or more units,which threw off everything else off on the test,.I made a complaint but L&I never got back,I asked them to check the exam and I'm getting no response.Has this happened to any one else?I would really appreciate some advise thank you.