View Full Version : PEX Connections

05-22-2011, 04:22 AM
I have a PEX pipe coming out of my slab that has a black interior, a shiny metalic layer, then a gray outer layer. I'm assuming it's the aluminum oxygen barrier PEX. The outside diameter is .9375 (15/16") so the 3/4" crimp rings I get at Lowe's will not fit.

Note: it appears that the outer layer of gray has been removed to put a fitting on originally. Experimenting with the pipe and removing the gray puts the metal layer at just over the .875" that is specified for 3/4" pipe. I can't believe that this is the right way to terminate the pipe.

What kind of crimp rings are supposed to be used for this pipe?

05-22-2011, 07:44 AM
The fittings and crimp rings made FOR it. It is probably Pex-Al-Pex which was normally only used for infloor heating systems. Hopefully your brand is still in production, because some companies have abandoned the material.

05-23-2011, 05:17 PM
I talked to a couple of different plumbing houses today and found out that the pipe is Viega Pex. Also found out that as part of the fitting installation a "reamer" is used to reduce the outside diameter of the pipe. I don't know anything about Viega yet, but I'll read up on them.