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05-14-2011, 08:39 PM
Evening everyone... Found your forum by a random Google image search and figured that maybe you could help. Wife and I purchased our house 2 years ago and have been dealing with a minor shower leak since day one. I'm a bit of a newbie to home repair, but like to try things for the knowledge and experience. I'm pretty technical and can follow a set of instructions, so here's where I'm at...

The leak does not go back into the access panel. It seems like it drips out of the back of the spout, behind the shower wall, and then along the top of the tub and down to the floor. The previous owners of the house had some wooden trim pieces in place along the wall, it was all caulked and seemed to be water tight (in this case bad, since the water was running along that channel)... Anyways - Here's a shot of the spout:


So... A replacement for that seems to be fairly easy (or... so I'd think)... Here's the pipe coming out of the wall. You can see how the bottom of the shower wall looks damp (compared to above the faucet):

Any recommendations on a good replacement for this? Should I find something that goes onto the current pipe, or replace that pipe with something new as well? It's 3/4" if that helps to recommend a decent replacement.

Now - while we're in there making changes... Why not look to replace the facuet or handle as well, right? This is what is in place now, it has American Standard stamped on the bottom of it:

05-14-2011, 08:39 PM
And then without the trimmings:

When we were looking at some of the replacement pieces at Lowe's tonight... There didn't seem to be anything that would've fit. Screw hole to screw hole is 3", and the length of the cartridge (I think that's what I've seen it called around here anyways) is like 1" out to the base.

Obviously replacement shower panels are on the list too. The only downside is that the shower is open at the back (it only has a 1/3 wall on it, enough to cover the end of the tub and that is it) - so complete tub surround kits won't work. Is plain paneling the next best/easiest thing? We're not really interesting in doing tiles or anything complicated.

Any help, guidance, and/or suggestions would be appreciated. I would love to tackle this project myself, but am also willing to call in a professional if it requires it (such as, replacing the piece that regulates how much and how hot/cold of water is coming out).


05-15-2011, 06:23 AM
The shower valve is an old American Standard, I think they called it the Aquarian. You won't find the parts at a hardware store, but a large plumbing supplier can order it. You can also check here http://www.alfanoplumbingparts.com/pdf/SingleLeverCartridgesAtoD.pdf

Tub spouts are "generic" . Take that one with you to the store and find one with the threads right at the back, like yours. We can see that the plastic has two cracks in it , which would explain the leaking.

05-15-2011, 07:05 AM
Get a new BRASS spout, not a plastic one and your leak will be fixed PERMANENTLY.

05-15-2011, 07:00 PM
jimbo - Thank you for the name of my valve. A quick Google search has led me to a website that offers replacement handles (which is cracked in the back) - I don't really mind the look of the cover that much, but having the handle on there tight will make a nice difference.

hj - Thanks. I think we've found something - although your input might be helpful... We picked up a Delta diverter spout today, it's part number RP5834. The piece that threads onto the pipe is brass. Then the spout threads onto that and there is an o-ring at the front which should help seal everything up too. Mixed reviews online, some really good, some really bad.

So I called my dad down this morning. The pipe coming out of the wall had a plastic piece that converted it to 3/4. We removed that, but the threads on it were screwed up. So, the next step would've been to remove the pipe from the wall. Easier said that done, as I'm sure most of you've dealt with this in the past. I don't believe this setup has been touched since 1970 when the previous owners converted from a claw foot tub. At this point - I'm calling in the professionals... They'll be able to get me fixed up in an hour or two, where I could spend all day on it. We heated the pipe up, pipe wrench, nothing.

Thanks again for your help on the ID of my valve! :)