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10-28-2005, 06:52 AM
I am installing a cultured marble garden tub. Have purchased a lift and turn drain assembly from JB Allen Tubular - no instructions were in the box! I basically have 3 questions:

1 - The problem is that the drain flange is straight but the drain hole in the tub is not - it's concave...ergo, I cannot get a good seal between the two. Any ideas? Someone at the big box store said to pack with silicone, although the silicone I've seen says not to use with marble. What about plumber's putty - I've heard it will discolor marble.

2 - Since, there are no instructions, I'm not sure of the installation sequence. Does the rubber shoe washer go between the drain flange and the tub or does it go between the tub bottom and the pvc drain piece.

3 - the drain overflow. I have the PVC piece, the rubber cap that fits over that, a metal retaining ring, and the overflow cover. What is the sequence of installation for these parts related to the tub body?

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help.

10-28-2005, 07:39 AM
For the drain flange, there is no "seal" per se on top of the tub. Silicone or plumbers putty is used as a cushion. Either of these is safe for cultured marble. Putty is definitely not recommended for the poruous natural stone. Silicone generally is the preferred product for natural stone. I don't know what product you have that is not recommended.

The rubber gasket goes under the tub, between tub and shoe.

Post a picture of the assembly so we can see how the overflow looks.

10-28-2005, 08:14 AM
Here they are - Jimbo the first jpg is of the OLD overflow riser. The new one has receptacles for 2 mounting screws.

I had one more question regarding your response. When I use the putty or silicone on the strainer, the strainer unit as a whole screws into the threaded pvc shoe piece. Does this make it more difficult to get a good seal? When I've used putty on sink drains they fasten from underneath, so I don't have to screw the whole assembly. Does this make sense? I'm probably guilty of over-analyzing, I tend to think things to death!

10-28-2005, 08:29 PM
The job is done - it was truly an adventure but there are no leaks. Thanks again for your help.