View Full Version : Is this a bad clog or what?!!

10-24-2005, 04:52 PM
This is my very first post. I got frustrated with my kitchen drain situation and decided to look for infos on the internet. Then I found this forum.

A few days ago the water in the kitchen sink stopped flowing. It just stood still for hours. My husband then took out the goose neck and found nothing. Next, we tried to snake the pipe that goes down to the main. After going in about 16 feet it hit something hard. It seems to be too solid to break through with the snake.

What could be the problem? Is there anything we can try, besides calling a plumber?

FYI, we don't have garbage disposal in the sink.


Gary Swart
10-24-2005, 06:12 PM
You're on the right track, the drain is clogged. However, you are finding out what is frequently discussed here that a DIY snake is seldom effective. I suspect what you have hit is a tee in the drain that is stopping the snake. Even if you get past that point, you are likely not to clear the blockage and may even push it in deeper and tighter. What is required is a professional with a professional size auger to really open the drain. Whatever you do, do not use caustic chemical cleaners. These not only won't open the drain, they can damage pipes and create a hazzard for a plumber who has to finally come in.

Dunbar Plumbing
10-24-2005, 06:14 PM
If you are using a hand snake, these are not very effective and do not deliver enough torque @ the end of the cable where it is needed to clear the obstruction. A rental yard will have a machine to perform the task, one with experience can unclog the drain.