View Full Version : Beckett Oil Bruner Leaking Oil From The Bottom Of The Plastic Case ???

03-01-2011, 04:22 PM
This is a Miller gun furnace in a rental mobile home I have had for 25 years. Typical 65000 BTU setup in good working order which runs fine. The last couple months I started having problems with oil accumulating down in the bottom of the plastic motor housing assembly. It then drips down from where the case halves meet and drips just enough to make it stink. I changed out the nozzle and cleaned it up as done in the past when I found there was carbon accumulation that interfered with the spray pattern. this time however the nozzle looked fine and I did look at the nozzle mount to see if there was any crack or split which might do it, there wasn't any to be seen. The seat area looked good and there is no sign of stripping out. I checked the specs of the electrodes and put them back in and set it. It ran fine for a while then started leaking down again.
Ok, so that's where I am now. Is there an "O" ring or some other place where the burner can weep or seep oil in there that I haven't thought of?

Tom Sawyer
03-01-2011, 07:44 PM
Believe it or not you probably need to clean the furnace. That means taking the burner out and removing the front covers and the combustion chamber so that you can get to the bottom of the heat exchanger. When these units get plugged up they run hot which puts a lot of heat back on the nozzle and the oil line heats up and expands forcing a small amound of oil out of the end of the nozzle where it drips back into the burner housing. While you have it apart take a mirror and a light and check the top of the heat exchanger for cracks which are very common with Miller furnaces. Be sure to use new gaskets when you put it back together.