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11-09-2004, 04:36 PM
I need to buy 3 toilets for my new house. After hours of debating if the American Standard Champion is better than the Kohler Cimmeron I decided on the Toto Drake. I'm basing my decision on this website and a local plumbing supply house. I realized that the Kohler and American Standard are no better than each other. It's a coin flip. Since neither have had a chance to prove themselves yet I decided on Toto. I need a good flushing toilet so I bought 2 Toto Drakes for my full baths. I decided on the Toto Dalton for my half bath. I know it doesn't have the 3" flushing system but that bathroom won't really be taking heavy loads. It's near the kitchen and living room. Will the Dalton give me any problems since the flushing system is only 2"? I want every flush to be one flush. I'm trying to keep cost down and think by putting a drake in the 1/2 bath it might be overkill. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Does anybody think I made the right decision?
Thank you

11-09-2004, 05:20 PM
I wouldn't call it overkill when a Toto Drake is installed, nice maybe.

I would say of all the things we do for ourselves, maybe a good toilet should be right up there with a big screen tv and easy chair.

The Toto Dalton also works very well, don't worry about that.