View Full Version : Moen making me moan ! And Delta dilema !

10-16-2005, 12:05 AM
Ive replaced a moen tub/shower faucet cartridge to correct the hot/cold water temperature problem. The water temp was fluctuating when taking a shower. It worked for a few days. Now said faucet is suddenly becoming very hot/scalding or cold unexpectedly. We have a water softener and replace salt regulary, but when we first moved into house there was no water softener and the city supply is Hard water. The temp fluctuations are anoying/scalding when taking a shower. The faucet is about 12 years old approximately. Ive flipped the moen cartridge 180 degrees/ no luck. flipped it back 180/ no luck. Ive adjusted the plastic temp setting on the stem about 8 different times/no luck. Im thinking about just replacing it with a new tub/shower faucet. Any feedback ?? On another note , in the same bathroom: the water pressure from the Lav delta faucet drops by about 80 percent, then inexplicably will resume full or partially full pressure after turning it off and on a few times. Other times the Lav/delta faucet will stay with the significantly reduced pressure for much longer time. Very frustrating. Ive taken both the moen(bath/shower faucet) and the delta(lav/faucet) apart and have found no significant debri. No aerator probs on the lav/delta wich is about 5 years old. Maybe just blow the lines with water pressure for a good minuite to see if anything surfaces?? or Just replace both ??? It seems as though ghosts sometimes live in plumbing fixtures. Blessings to all plumbers and to all those that attempt it !!!! Thank you :)

master plumber mark
10-16-2005, 07:02 AM
Yesterday I had to go out to a home where I had installed
a power vent water heater 2 weeks ago...

he was complaining about low water pressure on the hot side...

all it turned out to be was a bad water shut off valve...

the washer had come off the screw that held it in place and had
wedjed into the opening and had shut the flow off to the
wate r heater . It took a new 3/4 washer and I was out of there.

if you are having this happen on both the shower and the delta faucet in the same room its a good chance of something like this..

you might want to check the valves on the bypass at the softener and see
if one of them is doing the same thing

or any other main valve that might have a washer in it...

10-16-2005, 07:17 AM
It sounds like you have a Moen Positemp. The balancing spool in that can stick and cause similar symptoms. BUT, you said you replaced the cartridge already, so I would be looking at the things mentioned by mp..mark/

10-16-2005, 07:29 AM
If you have a Moentrol valve the balancing spool is separate and is under the chrome trip plate. It is a large slotted nut to the right of the cartridge. It cannot be repaired, usually, and should be replaced. MPM, if you replaced the water heater two weeks ago, why does it still have a glove valve on the inlet supply?

master plumber mark
10-16-2005, 09:20 AM
we change out water heaters for a set price
which is very competitive.....

the whole house had globe valves in it from the main through the
water conditioners...

if you got a job to do you do it , and if everything seems to be
in proper working order , you move on...

and dont try to
sell the customer something that they dont absolutley
have to have..
if you do this, you can appear to be trying to shake them down
for a few extra bucks....or a lot of money..

some plumbers in Indianapolis actually start a water heater change out
THEN mention extras that should be mnetioned BEFORE the job
starts, like a PAN, a THERMAL EXPANSION TANK< and a PRV valve...

and then calim that they cant warranty the heater
becasue of high water pressure ect.... and usually
try to shake down the customer for another 300+ dollars...

their is a fine line you walk between doing good
honest service work and basically shakeing down the

But this time one came back to bite me for a minor service call.

it was no big deal

but it could be the reason this fellow is having fluctuations
in his pressure on both the pressure balanced MOEN shower faucet
and also pressure problems with that normal Delta lavatory faucet...

10-16-2005, 10:57 AM
If it isn't a pressure balance valve, then you might want to replace the whole thing. If it is, it sounds like it needs the spool. Responses here indicate that these get crudded up and stick over time.