View Full Version : New kitchen...older drain...I need to vent!

10-05-2005, 05:31 PM
New cabinets installed, new flooring, took opportunity to look at old drainage. Bottom line, there appears to be a very slow leak at galvanized/pvc threads right below floor (or above basement ceiling...take your pick) and against outside wall. Musty odor and moist/semi moist "dirt" are my indicators.

Bottom line? I'd like to cut out the old stuff at castiron, leaving copper? vent/vent(s), then redo drain to main stack.

2 Sinks drain via loopy,twisty,ferncled pvc and wye together before entering wall and connecting to castiron. Dishwasher has its own "open top", pvc drainage pipe that also enters wall and connects to cast...appears to have its own vent (both are below a window, so I assume they travel horizontally toward a nearby laundry room to vent.....)

Is it possible to simply cut old stuff out at copper vent pipe(s), then bring the vents into area under sink to a new drain? Then I could redo the labrynth of tubes that currently exist and hopefully consolidate some things (dishwasher, disposer) while still venting gases???

NEW INFO: was not a leak at threads, but rather, lack of ANY adhesive on PVC....I'm guessing prior owner primed PVC and forgot to glue! Still interested in any "takes" RE: venting options. Could I vent with a "y", angle up to vent?

10-10-2005, 08:41 AM
take this question to the general plumbing category and someone will set you straight.