View Full Version : Looking for "short" tub filler

07-26-2010, 10:45 AM
I have an old bathtub with the tub spout mounted inside the tub where an overflow would normally be. I would like to replace it with something that doesn't stick out into the tub as far. It appears most of the tub spouts currently available are six or more inches.

I have seen in some old homes spouts that are very compact (curve down almost immediately) but have been unable to find anything like this. Are there any alternatives to the typical 6 inch tub spout?

I have looked at having an overflow installed and moving the spout up, but it is unlikely this will be possible with out removing the tub and probably screwing up the tile floor, neither of which i wish to do.


07-26-2010, 12:15 PM
First, you need to realize that what you have no longer meets safety public health codes. Then, think about it. The reason for that is that if the tub was filled enough so the spout was in the water, if there was a hiccup in the water supply system, you could suck grey water into the supply and make not only yourself sick but your neighbors.

As a result, most tub spouts are moderately long in order to reach from the wall into the tub. So, I doubt you'll find much in a short one.

If the tub is also used as a shower, then it probably also doesn't meet the anti-scald requirements. So, a replacement might be warranted. As to replumbing the drain, unless you can poke a hole in the wall behind the tub end, or from below, yes, you would need to take the tub out, which would likely entail a lot of tile rework. At that point, you're into a fair amount of money in remodeling.

The do make remodel plates that might allow you to make a hole, remove the existing valve, and replumb the supply to move the spout and relocate the spout. The remodel plate covers the hole, and the new valve fits on that. At that point, if you couldn't redo the drain, you might just cap off the hole where the old spout was. Since you didn't have an overflow anyway, you'd not be any worse off.