View Full Version : Toto Nexus and Trilogy High efficiency shower heads - your experience?

07-14-2010, 10:58 AM
I'd appreciate learning from your experience with the Toto Nexus High Efficiency shower head, the Toto Soiree high efficiency hand shower, the Toto Trilogy high efficiency shower head or Toto Trilogy hand shower - 1.75 gpm?

What is the quality of the shower: are they comfortable or "pins and needles"? Do they provide a "good" shower for rinsing soap?

Do these particular fixutures create an unusal amount of condensation on the walls and ceiling? I read about this problem on a forum. This is a concern for me (basement + damp = not good). Yes, I will have a fan - hopefully an excellent one - but I can't be certain it would clear an extreme amount of moisture.

I'm also not sure about the valves for these - seems to be a different option for each style line and I'm confused about the trim (with or without diverter). There will not be a bath.

I am still on the fence about the configuration: solo hand shower on a bar (probably Trilogy 1.75 gpm - bigger head than Nexus or Soiree) ; or combo fixed 1.75 gpm shower head and a hand shower - Nexus 2.5 or the Soiree 1.75 gpm.

Thanks for your help!