View Full Version : Freeze proof faucet

Brad H
07-12-2010, 03:08 PM
Hi, I have a problem with a freeze proof faucet. It will not shut off completly. I had replaced the washer then realized that the problem is with a plastic sleeve that is keyed into the faucet end of the pipe. The sleve has a hex hole in the middle that the shaft goes through. The shaft tightens as long as it is held firmly by the plastic hence my problem. The plastic piece is cracked and holds the shaft until it is almost tight then skips in the plastic and will not tighten further. I cannot change the faucet easily. It is behind a water heater in a pump house. The only way I can change it is to cut through the wall from the outside which I would prefer not doing. I have not been able to locate the manfacturer by looking at others on line and I can't see any name on the faucet. I know, bad design putting it in this location and worse there is no inside shut-off. If you know of a faucet brand that works this way I would appriciate your input.