View Full Version : Pex SSC fittings for Hydropex tubing

07-11-2010, 07:57 AM
I have run 3/4" Hydropex tubing that I got from pexsupply.com from my basement to the 2nd story bathroom sucessfully in one run. Now is the time to install fittings and my question is to what are the best fittings to use.

I have been using the SS clamps and Vanguard fittings that Lowe's just recently started carrying in any basement connections. I want to make sure I'm using the correct fittings in the bathroom where things aren't as easily accessible. From what I've read, Vanguard makes pretty good products and are compatible with my SSC system I am using.

So, should I buy Vanguard for the rest, order Hydropex fittings (not sure these are as good as Vanguard) from pexsupply.com, or is there a better brand fitting than either of these two to use with my clamp tool? I know everyone always says to stick with the same brand, but I also thought that the SSC system is a bit more universal and on pexinfo it says the Vanguard fittings are compatible with SSC.