View Full Version : Air in the system

Roy G
11-04-2004, 06:27 AM
Our water supply is dependant on a 170 ft. well and the house is heated with a water-based heat pump. Recently we appear to have air in the system as indicated by lots of small bubbles to be seen in the flow gauge on the heat pump and also by the fact that when we turn on taps there is a brief pause as air is released before water begins to flow. A final point which may or may not be related is the loud clang which is heard when the heat pump turns off. Although I have checked I have been unable to locate the source of the bang.

I suspect the air may be getting in through a leak in the piping down the well but would very much appreciate any other viable suggestions. I have done quite a bit of plumbing including a complete bathroom installation and would be happy to hear that it's a repair I could do myself. Many thanks.

Roy G.