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11-03-2004, 10:14 PM
Hello all,

Hey, any problems with taking a shower valve sysem with built in "tub" diverter and using that diverted output to feed a overhead "rain" head. I would never need or want both on at same time. Thanks.


11-04-2004, 04:49 AM
If the "shower" port goes to the rain head, and the "tub" port goes to the shower head, you MAY NOT have a problem since it will take considerable back pressure from the shower head to force water up to the overhead shower head. But that is not a given and if there is sufficient back pressure both heads will operate at the same time, although the rain head will just "dribble" water, except when the rain head is actually selected.

11-04-2004, 02:55 PM
How will you select which head should be on if you eliminate the diverter?
You could use a diverter tee on the shower arm.