View Full Version : Grohe 34 126 Installation

06-19-2010, 09:37 AM
This is a thermostatic shower mixer and shutoff. Has a triangular fitting template.

These are the worst installation instructions I've ever read. It looks like the front of the fitting template should be even with the tile?

Anyone have any pictures or experience with this?


06-19-2010, 10:48 AM
The front of the plastic "ground" is even with the finished wall. Dimensionally, either the back of the valve is between 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" from the tile, or the front of the shower riser pipe is 1" to 2" back.

06-19-2010, 01:23 PM
Thanks for the quick response. I have several Grohe faucets in my home, and they have never given a problem.

However, for a $300 valve I think Grohe could do a little better in the instruction dept.

06-19-2010, 02:37 PM
You haven't bought many European items that you assemble have you. They almost ALL have pictoral instructions without a lot of description. It saves having to create multilanguage instruction sheets.

06-19-2010, 03:55 PM
Ya see I'm the Computer Science guy.... Who everyone blames for poor documentation :)

But yeah, I've purchased enough of European items where you have to complete the puzzle. How much could it actually cost Grohe for some photos on the support web site?

06-20-2010, 07:48 AM
THe only one you need IS there. It shows the side view of the valve with ALL the dimensions relative to the finished wall. If you write technical bulletins, and documentation (which was always the LAST thing we did), then English would be your second or THIRD language, so I think you are funning us.

06-20-2010, 08:02 AM
ya got a great answer, DougB. And it would be nice to acknowledge it, which you did, and then leave it at that instead of turning it around into a criticism of diagrammatic instructions.

It's hard to read any diagram the first time.