View Full Version : caulking not holding

06-11-2010, 04:32 PM
Hi I just remodeled a bathroom and am having a problem with the caulking. Where the tub and tile meet the caulk is not holding. the tub i bought is the main issue i think because it holds a little water in the corners.

Is there such a thing as a high moisture or some sort of specialty caulk that will do the trick.

Any advice is appreciated!!

Thank you


06-11-2010, 05:06 PM
First, the substrate needs to be perfectly dry for the caulk to adhere and make its cure. Some acyillic caulks can't stand moisture, especially standing water well at all until cured, and some don't like standing water after the fact, either. If the tub is not perfectly level, you'll have problems down the road regardless of the caulk. 100% silicon, if you start with it dry and clean, should work. Harder to get it to look nice. Some caulks can take quite awhile to cure, and shouldn't see any water until that happens. You need to read the instructions carefully - cured on the surface is not cured all the way through. Also, if the caulk is too deep, consider foam caulk backer rods pressed in the 'slot' before you add the surface of caulk...it'll be more resilient that way.