View Full Version : Water flowing from Kohler Whirlpool Air Inlet

05-15-2010, 03:10 PM
I have a deck-installed 3-year old Kohler Ironworks Whirlpool bathtub. The tub has pvc pipes connecting the jets, intake, and pump. It also has an air inlet vent that sits just under the deck, similar to a dishwasher.

Water is leaking OUT of the inlet when the whirlpool is engaged. The level of the water is below the air inlet. I assume there is a blockage inline somewhere, but I can't see where. Any suggestions?

i can attach pictures if it helps. I have the entire side of the tub exposed but when I isntalled it, I notched the wood frame for the deck to accomodate the inlet, so I can't actually see the inlet, but the inlet leak is the symptom not the disease.

06-01-2010, 05:35 AM
On each side of the tub are three jets. The air inlet tube connects just above the supply line for each jet. When any of the three nozzles is removed, enough water and air gets through the jets that water does not leak. However, with all three nozzles inserted and whirlpool running, water is backing up and flowing out of the inlet.

The pvc pipes are an irregular size, and the nozzles are too small to get a snake into. The first plumber who came to our house had no suggestions and no matching pipes to cut into the pvc. Before bringing a certified Kohler plumber from 30 miles away, are there any other suggestions?