View Full Version : Move basement toilet drain 4 3/4" over. Options:1/8 bend, closet bend, offset flange?

05-04-2010, 09:53 AM
I'll spare the story of how this came to be... but suffice it to say I have a 3" roughed in toilet drain in concrete that I need to move because it is too close to the wall (and no, there is no option to move said wall, and yes, I know this involves breaking concrete).

The center is 7 1/4" from the drywall finish currently and (obviously) standard is 12" which is where I'd like it to be.
That means I need to move it a total of 4 3/4"

So, I'd "prefer" not to dig the whole dang thing up since it's so close(ish). Can I do any of these options (or one I haven't come up with)?

Use a "closet bend" (which effectively turns it 90 degrees horizontal) and then two 1/8 bend (45 degrees) to turn it back down onto the existing drain (once I dig down far enough to cut it and tap into it). Normal flange on top so the closet bend and 45's might make this short of a distance hard to do?
Forget the closet bend and dig down, cut off the pipe and zig-zag it over using two 1/8 bend pipes (which will give me 3+ inches maybe?) then put an offset flange (which would give me another 1 1/2") and in "theory" put me darn close to the right spot.
Or am I just way the heck off base? :)

Thank you gentlemen,

05-04-2010, 02:46 PM
There's a limit on the total angle change you can have in a drain line. I think you'll need to tear up enough concrete to make the run straigher. I think your plans would exceed the limits, and possibly doom the toilet to always be prone to poor performance. Plus, the more angles, the harder it would be to ever run an auger through as well, so you might then end up tearing it all back up again.

05-04-2010, 03:57 PM
Cut out as much as need be to keep the run straight. When the bathroom is done you will be happier knowing that you did it right.