View Full Version : Condensate Drain and no floor drain nearby

09-16-2005, 07:28 PM
What happens when you're installing A/C and there is no floor drain near the furnace? My furnace is about 30 feet from a condensate drain. It's installed behind the chimney (center of house) and the drain is in the corner of the house. Any creative options out there? Concrete saw and busting up some concrete? Pump? Ideas?


09-16-2005, 07:37 PM
I know some that have drilled a hole in the basement floor and put the drain pipe in the hole. I'm not sure how good or bad this practice is but I don't think there is enough water for long term damage or some type of washout to occur under the basement floor!

09-16-2005, 07:55 PM
When you say the furnace is 30' from a condesate drain, do you mean a sump pump? floor drain? Condesate pumps work just fine and are not too expensive. You can just drill a small hole through your foundation and send the tube out. I would give that a shot before cutting through 30' of slab.

09-16-2005, 09:09 PM
Use a condensate pump to move the water the 30' to your drain.

09-17-2005, 03:02 PM
It's thirty feet to the floor drain. I have no sump pump as the house is 83 years old. I don't like the drill hole in the floor idea as I'm not sure there is gravel underneith the slab.

I like the pump idea. I did some googling and it looks like that just might do the trick. Should I plumb it in with some reducers into the waste stack (with a trap)?

09-17-2005, 03:38 PM
The only problem with tying into you're waste stack is that if the condensate is not year round then the water in the trap could dry out and you would get sewer gas into you're home. The only solution to this would be a trap primer.

09-17-2005, 03:48 PM
Run a drain line from the condensate pump over into the floor drain.This floor drain should already be trapped.
At the furnace,s evaporator coil, for added safety, install a condensate line trap before actually entering into the condensate pump.

09-19-2005, 10:05 AM
Mine runs along the ceiling joists and dumps into the laundry tub....