View Full Version : Can I use TOTO Drake II for 10" Rough-in?

03-23-2010, 03:06 PM
From the specs sheet (http://admin.totousa.com/Product%20Downloads/SS-00239,%20CST454CEF_G,%20V.03.pdf) it looks like there is 1.25" behind the toilet, suggesting it should fit with a 10.75" rough. Any reason I should not do this? The only thing that I could think of which would be bad, is condensation on the bowl ruining the wall. I've read some posts where people boldly stated that there is a minimum distance between the tank and the wall....anyone know what it is if it indeed exists? I will have to carefully remeasure the rough-in today, but it is roughly in between 10 and 12.

The reason I want to go this route is because the only two 10" toilets I can get locally is a Sterling unit and a Cadet 3. I special ordered the cadet at HD, and it was cracked and used....returned it. I can't afford to waste my time. Local dealer has it in stock, but now its all the way up to $300 with taxes. For an extra $30 I'd much rather get a TOTO. A dealer in NJ has it for $330, and thats roughly the on-line price. I can also get a regular Drake in 10", but it's actually more expensive ($350 or so), and I really like the cyclone flush (ahhh, things that make us happy... :D ).

Last bit, anyone shop from edigallery.com (NJ) or national builder supply (GA) before?

Thank you for helping out!

Gary Swart
03-23-2010, 05:31 PM
To my knowledge, the Drakes only come with a 12" rough-in, but there are several folks on this forum than can accurately answer your question for sure. Terry, Peanut, and Redwood come to mind, but there are likely several more. If you can't fit a Drake, you should consider one of the models that use the Unifit adapter.

03-24-2010, 08:50 AM
No dice.... 10 5/8 it is, and not hair more. You might call me crazy, but I am going to possibly move the wall back (just behind the toilet) a little. I always hated it anyway, as it is somewhat crooked. The sad part is that I just skimcoated that section :( . I only need a half inch or so, and will see if the pipes behind the wall allow for that. Once again, any standard for minimum distance between tank and wall?

Thanks for the replies guys! I'm going to try the NJ dealer, since they are allowing me to pick it up so I will have it sooner. Gary, Toto does indeed make a 10" drake, however not the drake II.

The old toilet tank had a lot of sand and dirt in it, never mind the scale build up. Is this gonna be a problem? I'm not sure if its a problem anymore, as its been there for over 20 years, but what are your thoughts?

Thank you!
P.S. Can't wait to have this bath done!

03-24-2010, 10:05 AM
Essentially all of the new low-flush toilets do NOT dump the entire tank when you flush...they use that extra height to give the flush more oomph (sort of like a water tower adds pressure). As a side effect, the incoming cold water mixes with the water already in the tank. Unless the toilet is flushed frequently, that water is at room temperature, and usually does not drop below the dew point. Now, this may not be true on some days. As long as the tank is not touching so there is at least a little air circulation, it normally isn't an issue. You can often 'fudge' the placing of the toilet on the flange a little to gain maybe as much as 1/4" or so; more than that and you risk seal problems and the bolts won't line up.