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03-05-2010, 05:59 AM
New to the forums, but I've been perusing the review pages for a while. So many choices!:confused: I am trying to decide on a toilet and have a few preferences to narrow the field:
-ADA height bowl
-round bowl (appearance as much as size)
-two piece design
-good flush - duh. (assuming 800+ MaP)
-prefer a more "classic" looking design (house is 100 years old with hex floor and subway tile walls)
-priced under $300 if possible.

We had been looking at the Jacuzzi Perfecta at Lowes, but I've read a few nasty reviews and got nervous (you get what you pay for comes to mind...). Totos get lots of rave reviews, but I can't seem to find one that fits our criteria. The Drake comes in either ADA or round, but not both. The Dalton could work, but my wife isn't wild about the appearance (I don't think the Mrs. likes the bowlshape). I was thinking about the Gerber flushmate, but it sounds like there have been some big-time quality issues. :(
On a related note should I go with a gravity or flushmate? What is the long term maintenence like on Flushmates? They are noisier correct? If I go flushmate are there any that fit the above criteria (it looks like I will be spending north of $300 for any flushmate model. Correct?)
Thanks for any input folks!!

03-05-2010, 08:01 AM
Not sure you'll find an ADA rated toilet that is round...to be ADA, I think it requires elongated in addition to the height.

Don't get hung up on the MAP scores, some are just built to get good numbers on the test and the real stuff isn't plastic wrapped! Stay away from pressure assisted toilets, they often don't flush any better than a gravity one, and the replacement parts when they start to leak can be expensive. As to style, that's up to you. the more 'style' you get, the higher the cost, but that often doesn't buy you better performance.

03-05-2010, 08:17 AM
Good to know about the MaP scores, though is there a rating system which closely reflects real world use? Kinda what I was thinking on the pressure assists, as far as repairs anyway (plus when I searched the flushmate site I couldn't find any toilets with flushmate that I really liked (the Gerber sits too low). BTW - when I said ADA, all I mean is a tall bowl (16" or better). As an example the Jacuzzi "Perfecta" is ADA in terms of its height and has a round bowl.

03-05-2010, 09:47 AM
Terry buys, installs, and tests many toilets in his home. His toilet reviews are partly from his personal experience, and others that have provided their info. It's a good starting point. Many of the Totos are 16" or more. The ADA height requirement is with the seat attached, and they are typically 1-2" thick, so take that into account. Personally, I'd find a Toto that I liked the looks of. You won't find a dog in their line. I have a Vespin, Carlyle, and put a couple of Drakes in my mother's house.

Gary Swart
03-05-2010, 10:39 AM
I second the recommendation for a Toto. In addition, you should be aware that there are very few, if any, decent flushing ADA round toilets. Those that I am aware of are of very poor quality. Round bowls, because they are cheaper, are usually sold to motels, builders, and homeowners that have a very small room where the small size difference is important for a door to open. The overwhelming majority of homeowners prefer the elongated bowl, therefore fewer round bowl choices are available. Elongated bowls are especially male friendly, but ladies like them too. While I would agree that style is an important consideration, you don't want a pretty toilet that constantly clogs. I find it hard to believe that in all of the models made by Toto that there isn't at least one that would look good.

03-05-2010, 11:16 AM
I normally stock a few comfort height round bowls for those tiny Seattle homes and the aging population.

Toto Drake CST733F
From to back is 26-1/4"
bowl height is 16-1/8" before you add for a seat.

TOTO Promenade CST423EF and CST423SF
You can also get the Promenade with Sanagloss, CST423EFG and CST423SFG

Toto Vespin II CST474CEFG with SS114 Softclose seat.
This bowl was installed on a 13-1/2" rough-in using the 14" Unifit adapter.
The water shutoff can be as close as 5-1/2" to the left of center, unless it's higher off the floor, and then it can be even closer to center.
This shutoff had been replaced with a new 1/4 turn valve with brass nipple through the wall.
Installation was by James Love of Love Plumbing & Remodel 206-949-5683
In some of the older Seattle homes, the old toilets had been wall mounted tank toilets.
Those typically are 14" rough-in and need a flange repair to use standard closet bolt connections at the flange.
Everything is on the truck for that.
The Vespin comes with a standard 12" adapter or you can order a 10" or 14" adapter depending on your rough-in distance.

TOTO Promenade CST423EFG Round front bowl

03-05-2010, 04:21 PM
I normally stock a few comfort height round bowls for those tiny Seattle homes and the aging population.

Toto Drake CST733F
From to back is 26-1/4"
bowl height is 16-1/8" before you add for a seat.

Terry, I am assuming you are referring to the Dalton? That's what that model # comes up as. That's the one my wife isn't wild about the aesthetics of. I think our basic problem is that I am fairly sold on Totos for functionality, but on the whole their models tend to look pretty modern by our own standards. While the Perfecta may be a vastly inferior toilet function-wise it is more in line with our style visually (though I'm inclined not to buy one). To that end, are any of you aware of anything that takes similar visual cues to the Perfecta (no hard bevels/angles), but is more functionally on par with a Toto?

03-05-2010, 06:23 PM
After talking and searching, I think we may have a winner. We are looking at the Toto Promenade CST423SF(G). But a few new questions.
-Why isn't the Promenade in the list on this site? After searching some of the forum threads it looks to be comparable to the Drake in most regards.
-Second, Sanagloss or no? It looks to add about $50 to the price. Is it really worth a 15% premium? (and yes I saw the poll, but I need some more reassurance.)
-Oh and what about the EF (the 1.28Gal version). I haven't seen much on it, but I'm skeptical of a model that uses so little water. Anybody have a point of reference for comparing the 1.28 v the 1.6 Promenade?

Hmm, just saw this in a show room. Does anybody know anything about the Mirabelle Boca Raton. It's a retro-styled curvey toilet.

TOTO Promenade CST423SF(G)