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03-02-2010, 07:44 AM
We bought our house new 3 years ago, and it has a 10" rough-in in the main floor bathroom. The house came with a Briggs toilet that has been terrible since day 1 (clogs with even a light payload). Recently the flapper cord broke, and in the process of attempting to fix it I managed to more or less destroy the guts in the tank (which are pretty poorly designed, constructed, and assembled in the first place). I'd rather not pay even a small amount of money to repair the old Briggs at this point, so I'm looking for a good replacement. I'm not dead-set on dual flush but it would be nice since this is the bathroom we use more than any other and we try to conserve when possible.

I'm not particularly concerned with price, so I'd like to put a Toto Aquia in there since they seem to be the best around. Can I make one fit the 10" rough-in using a Unifit adapter or something similar? If not, is there another dual-flush toilet that would work in this space?

I'd really like to get all of my "wants" with one setup, but if I had to pick one thing to focus on I'd just like to have a toilet that doesn't clog 50% of the time. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

03-02-2010, 09:45 AM
Can I make one fit the 10" rough-in using a Unifit adapter or something similar?

The Aquia has it's own flanger adapter.
It will require at least 11.5" from the wall.
They do make a 10" rough Aquia toilet.

I'm bringing some here for the Seattle area (http://www.easycarts.net/ecarts/terrylove/WaterSense_Toilets.html#CST412MF.10).
CST412MF.10 (http://www.easycarts.net/ecarts/terrylove/WaterSense_Toilets.html#CST412MF.10)

http://www.easycarts.net/ecarts/terrylove/images/cst412mf.10 (http://www.easycarts.net/ecarts/terrylove/WaterSense_Toilets.html#CST412MF.10)
The bowls that use the Unifit would be made to work with 9-1/4"
Vespin, Carlyle, Soiree, Guinevere, Carrollton
The Drake also comes in a 10" bowl.
Bowl C744EF.10
Tank, ST412M

Caroma (http://www.terrylove.com/forums/showthread.php?7750-Caroma-Dual-Flush-watersense-toilet-review&highlight=caroma%20review) makes a 10" dual flush.

Toto Vespin II CST474CEFG with SS114 Softclose seat.
Not a dual flush, but it is a Watersense 1.28 gallon flush toilet that gets the new rebates.
MaP rated at 800 grams.
This bowl was installed on a 13-1/2" rough-in using the 14" Unifit adapter.
The water shutoff can be as close as 5-1/2" to the left of center, unless it's higher off the floor, and then it can be even closer to center.
This shutoff had been replaced with a new 1/4 turn valve with brass nipple through the wall.
Installation was by James Love of Love Plumbing & Remodel 206-949-5683
In some of the older Seattle homes, the old toilets had been wall mounted tank toilets.
Those typically are 14" rough-in and need a flange repair to use standard closet bolt connections at the flange.
Everything is on the truck for that.
The Vespin comes with a standard 12" adapter or you can order a 10" or 14" adapter depending on your rough-in distance.

03-02-2010, 09:51 AM
After some further investigation (stumbling around spec sheets) it looks like Toto makes a 10" rough-in model of the Aquia.


Does anyone have any experience with this particular model? Is there any reduced performance with a 10" versus a 12" model?

EDIT: Terry, is the model in the link above available yet? I called my local Toto dealer and they're doing some investigation to see if they can get me one. A google search of the part number leads me to several stores selling something with that model number, so it looks legit to me.


03-02-2010, 11:12 AM
I am getting them this Thursday in stock, so they are available and the same model but in the 12".
It is the CST412MF.10.