View Full Version : Tub Surround leaking!!!!!!!!!

09-10-2005, 08:40 AM
:confused: I bought a this tub surround from home depot a few years ago. The sealant let go around the bottom of the surround where it meets the tub. So I ripped it out and got another one (wall got damaged behind it). The second time I was VERY carefull to have all the gaps no more then 1/8" if even that. This time I used silicone as the store dude said this was the best.

Well now 9 months later I see its let go again around the bottom where it meets the top of the tub!!!!!! I'm ready to give up on this darn thing!!!!

What am I doing wrong?? I cleaned the surfaces with TSP 1st. Then as per the store people I used vinegar too along where the silicone went to get all the soap residue off.

Is there some other kind of sealant I should be using?? The first time I used a latex based stuff that came with the kit. It seems to hold well on the vertical walls where the molded corner pieces are placed. But along the bottom where water sits it let go too.

09-10-2005, 09:11 AM
Before caulking (and this can be awkward) - fill your tub with water. The weight of the water will change the size of the gap between the tub and the wall... Caulk... and let dry. Caulking will compress reasonably well, it doesn't stretch worth a darn......

Let it dry completely - according to the manufacturers recommendations.... Which sometimes can take a day or more to do...